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Confederation of Corrupt Dictators#CC11 Motion to Recommend the Honourable Nation of Castelia

The Imperial Khanate of Khanbaliq Mongolia wrote:We, the Civil Congress, on behalf of the Confederation, Recognising the unwavering loyalty of Castelia to the Confederation through their role in Foreign Office; Commending the excellent work of Castelia in the Foreign Office, despite attaining the position not so long ago; Believing the projects of the Foreign Office, specifically the Ambassador Program, among others, has been very beneficial to the Confederation's Foreign Relations with other regions; Outlining the success of the Foreign Office in establishing diplomatic ties with like-minded regions, further benefiting the Confederation; Bringing to light the diplomatic knowledge of Castelia, and how it benefits the Supreme Council and the running of the Confederation; Confident that Castelia's approach to diplomacy and Foreign Relations will be prosperous for the Confederation and it's member nations in the future. Hereby Recommends the Honourable Nation of Castelia.

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