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Confederation of Corrupt Dictators#CC10 Motion to Recommend the Honourable Nation of Depeckya

The Imperial Khanate of Khanbaliq Mongolia wrote:We, the Civil Congress, on behalf of the Confederation, Applaud the work that Depackya does to protect the people of the Confederation and the glory that he brings to our name; Recognising the need for Depackya's role in the War Ministry to manage the defence of the Confederation and it's interests; Further Recognising the need for the Confederation's primary raiding force, Chrome Company, and the cooperation between Depackya and Chrome Company High Commander Delongtasia in order to eliminate threats to the Confederation; Commending the sacrifices made by Depackya for the Confederation; Stating that Depackya's position of War Minister and the knowledge of military proceedings and tactical know-how is vital to the Supreme Council; Confident that Depackya will continue in this role, and will perform admirably in it for years to come. Hereby Recommends the Honourable Nation of Depeckya

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