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The Rejected RealmsCYOA Game: "Fallout Arizona" - Chapter 1, Part 10

The Holy Frozen Purple Empire of Glacikaldr wrote:Your band of... robotic brothers and sisters... begin to roll out, with you leading the relatively slow whirling charge. You pass the closed-off garage doors at the front of the QUIKETE factory's yard, with most blocked by rusting behemoths that were once operational trucks that delivered its goods elsewhere. As perceptive as you are, you notice that they must have had some pretty large orders to expand their operations as much as they had done when compared to the neighbouring yards that the factory towers over. You make away around to the left of the pre-war building, pulling out your loaded 10-mil pistol as you make your way through an entrance at the corner of the premises. Jefferson's voice chimes in, sounding as if the protectron is attempting to whisper, "It has nearly the 220th anniversary of no more admin attending their front-desk shift." His voice is nearly drowned out under the drone of his four other comrades. "It's the customers that refuse to leave." Suddenly, as you enter, a pack of feral ghouls charge forward as if waiting for years themselves and you are called into action!

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