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The Rejected RealmsCYOA Game: "Fallout Arizona" - Chapter 1, Part 8

The Holy Frozen Purple Empire of Glacikaldr wrote:The protectrons look to you, and at one another, as they clank around listening to your barrage of confused questions. Jefferson takes a shot at answering, "We are employees of QUIKETE and have been named to better facilitate bonds forming between us and the human employees. I am a guard of the premises, painted for identification purposes, but the others oversaw construction. Other than Jennifer whose legs were... modified... to improve her suitability as the regional manager's secretary." Suddenly, Jennifer whizzes between you and Jefferson, staring him down, "Enough's enough! There is no way to form a bond with those things! They are nothing like this human. Not anymore. We need to get to the manager's office and get to the bottom of this," she preaches, spinning to face you. "We need your help. We need to get to the bottom of this, but we aren't fighters... aside from 'Mister Guardian' over here. We could do with some extra firepower, and there would be plenty of money in it for you if we can strike a deal that gets us into the big man's safe." They've certainly been altered with some personality at the very least.

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