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The Rejected RealmsCYOA Game: "Fallout Arizona" - Chapter 1, Part 6

The Holy Frozen Purple Empire of Glacikaldr wrote:Buckeye is the only ruin of note before Phoenix itself. It was mostly avoided by the occupants of Sun City, the rising star of Phoenix, and now Liberty both. Continuing down the 10s would get you to Liberty using a more straightforward, and possibly safer, route, but it bypasses the ruins entirely. You heard that the NCR first tried to establish their main base of operation in Buckeye -- in a huge warehouse to the east of Buckeye, opposite of where you find yourself, last you heard -- but decided to move on from the ruins to the small town of Liberty. As you make your way south, you approach a row of rundown shacks to both the left and right of the roadway, but what catches your eye is a large pre-war-looking facility a little further to the right. Even from your distance, you can make out the word QUIKETE written in huge stone letters painted orange. It's eastern ward is even bleeding into the yard next to it. Riches promised from places like these is why you first became a scavenger. Around its grounds, you spot a few protectron robots all looking towards the building, with one whizzing around in circles behind the group.

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