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The Rejected RealmsCYOA Game: "Fallout Arizona" - Chapter 1, Part 5

The Holy Frozen Purple Empire of Glacikaldr wrote:The Lieutenant returns you to his attention, "We advise against travelling anywhere beyond this roadway and Liberty. If you're lucky, maybe our patrols can save you, but not if you venture too far from either. Anywhere north or further east than Liberty, and you're looking to be surrounded by more machetes than our troopers are supplied bullets." He takes on more look at you, lowering his beret to wipe off his sweat before returning to his maps as he speaks, "But if you're daring, there's plenty of work that may suit you, from dog tag collecting to special orders, over at our recruitment station in Liberty."The trooper who escorted you in is the same to escort you out of the eastern side of the 10s before returning to his post. You decide it best to follow the roadway for at least a little while longer. Before long, you pass a NCR patrol heading back west. Up ahead the roadway starts splitting up, and poorly maintained signs start to direct you towards Liberty. Or you could head south and make your way through the ruins of Buckeye, scoring what you can along the way.

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