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The Rejected RealmsCYOA Game: "Fallout Arizona" - Chapter 1, Part 3

The Holy Frozen Purple Empire of Glacikaldr wrote:[S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats rebalanced: +1P, +1C, -1E, -1A (DICE ROLL: 7/12)] You check your pack, tied to your waist in a number of small pouches belonging to your Roving Trader Outfit [+1C]. A bit of money [2x$5, 1x$20], a few caps [680 caps], your trusty 10mm [+1S], and a canteen. Making your way down the 10s, with the White Tank Mountains watching you enter the sprawling metropolitan ruins of Buckeye, you approach a lone NCR trooper standing roughly twenty yards in front of what appears to be a checkpoint. You catch yourself thinking of the losses the NCR must have sustained just to capture Liberty up ahead. You have only heard rumours about the fighting over the mountains - a last ditch effort by the Legion to keep the Bear out of town, and from securing this route. You imagine this trooper's backup is focussed on looking east. Still: you're here to make a profit, not get killed. "Who approaches, and state your business," the trooper bellows as you halt your approach; his service rifle drawn. The boy looks to be on edge [Perception check of 5 passed], so you decide it best to play along.

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