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The Holy Frozen Purple Empire of Glacikaldr wrote:2897 -- the NCR is bogged down by its politicking -- and the only thing in everyone's minds West of here is whether Mason or Wilco have the right ideas to lead the Bear in valor. To think: a Salvatore and the nephew of Chief Hanlon running against one another - complete polar opposites. That climate is of no business to a Reject. Nowhere are people more aware that the Governors of the five founding states are the only ones who really get to elect the President. These folks, from those succumbing to the NCR's taxes for the first time, to the settlers who are trying their best to spread the Republic's values among those previously rendered docile, find themselves voiceless. Under the pretense of greater technology, the very thing that gave the NCR their edge against the Monster of the East -- and its profits -- the inexperienced Wilco Hanlon, running on the grounds of his uncle's fame, has nothing on the Salvatores; having recently revived their glory -- certainly inexplicably to the Wights -- they have even gone so far as to snatch control over New Reno within only twenty odd years. Is this tension what brings you East?

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