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Maps: The First Wave

by Eluvatar
Mon, 10 Apr 2023

Some people said you couldn't secretly write and implement a major new feature that melded cartography and diplomacy inside a graphical interface with 20-year old code. Or maybe they said "shouldn't." It was one of those.

Either way, it was done! And it mostly worked! Not entirely! But mostly!

Congratulations to those regions and nations that figured out what the heck was going on and managed to craft and endorse some maps. In total, 1,307 nations made 4,687 map versions and 879 nations created 896 maps with a total weight of 430,021.

At the end of the first week of maps, we'd like to salute the following pioneers whose maps have the most diplomatic weight:

RegionMapAuthorship NationMap Weight
The North PacificMeadowfields118,716
The East PacificThe Goin' Silent of Zukchiva88,175
Conch KingdomThe Puddle of Socialist Platypus61,690
The North PacificThe Generation Kill of Kastonvia20,991
Commonwealth of LibertyThe Alpine Republic of Cascadla12,197
The Western IslesThe Blue Islands of Corindia11,618
The North PacificThe Republic of Yeco11,454
Lands EndThe Peafowl Conglomerate of Peacockastan10,853
The North PacificThe Municipality of Yauco9,360
the Rejected RealmsThe Angelic Avant-Garde Asylum of Minskiev7,970

Special shout-out to The Puddle of Socialist Platypus of Conch Kingdom for not only holding third place, but for punching above their weight several times during the week with a chart-topping map despite having far fewer World Assembly members than their rivals in their region.

Maps are staying, but with work to do as they grow into a full feature, as opposed to something that needed to go live at the start of April come hell or high water. In particular:

  1. Regions can (now) choose whether to hide or display their most-supported map

  2. There will be storage limits on what can be uploaded and saved (you all uploaded 1.4 gigabytes of map in a week!)

  3. Maps will come with a legend

  4. Map activity will be integrated into map pages

  5. And of course miscellaneous bugfixes

Thanks for your participation during this first week, and please continue to provide feedback on what you'd like to see in the Maps Technical forum thread!