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N-Day8: Half-Life Every Half-Year

by Chingis
Wed, 22 Feb 2023

In this life, only three things can be certain: death, taxes, and the imminent threat of Nuclear Apocalypse. For the first time in NS history, the (now biannual) N-Day will occur in February. Less than 72 hours remain until the world goes up in a nuclear ball of flame. Grab your lead umbrellas, throw some popcorn kernels in the nuclear reactor, and join us for the 8th run of an iconic NS event!

Faction registration and the Vault 41 forum have been opened.

The missiles fly in:

Click here for your local time:

Read about the aftermath of the previous N-Day here. Will the Horsemen of the Apocalypse sweep the competition yet again? Or will a new champion arise from the ashes? Mere days remain.