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Announcing the winners of Issue Contest: Lucky Seven!

by Verdant Haven
Thu, 21 Jul 2022

This post comes courtesy of Issues Editor Verdant Haven.

Luck? More like Skill!

Friends, authors, nations, lend us your eyes! After a hard-fought contest featuring nearly 250 entries, several asides for soliloquies by our resident network hamsters, and an inordinate amount of whipped cream, the Issue Editing team is pleased to announce the winners for this year's installment of our Annual Game Encouraging New Draft Activity: the Lucky Seven competition!

Presented in alphabetical order by author, the winners are:

Check out these fancy people! Check out this fancy presentation! Eternal fame is upon them, and as promised, these ten issues are now guaranteed to be published.

Please join with the team in congratulating the authors of our Top Ten issue submissions! Look for them to start appearing in the game in the near future.