by Max Barry

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Looking for Technical Moderator(s)

by Max Barry
Tue, 21 Jun 2022

Do YOU want to hone your technical skills on a world-famous website that contains code written in 2002? Wait. Let me rephrase that.

NationStates is looking to bring on some technical expertise, with the goal of adding another site admin or two. Because this place is run by volunteers, we first want prospective candidates to come on board as Forum Moderators with a technical bent, and progress over time to hands-on admin stuff. You would move at your own pace and be largely free to choose what you work on.

This role would be perfect for someone who would like to:

  • Help improve NationStates by dragging it into a Web 2.0 world before everyone leaves for Web3.*

  • Actually add that feature the site has sorely needed for like five years and you can't believe it doesn't exist already, you know the one.

  • Bolster your CV with experience on a well-known legacy website, so when you apply for a real job, the hiring manager is like, "NationStates, really, wow, I used to play that." And then you both smile.

  • Apply your NationStates knowledge in ways other than overthrowing Delegates.

  • Stare into the abyss of decades-old code without blinking or screaming.

Obviously this one isn't for the faint-hearted. Details here.

* Just kidding. Web3 isn't real.