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Issuin' Nine-to Five

by The Free Joy State
Thu, 30 Apr 2020

This post comes courtesy of Senior Issues Editor The Free Joy State.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Non-Binary people, it's time to clutch your quills, don your thinking caps and trawl your thesauruses.

We are very excited to announce our "Anything-But-Pandemics Issue Contest". Not only is this the latest chance to potentially join our friendly Issues Editing team, but the top ten finalists will also be revealed in a follow-up News announcement, allowing you bragging rights for years to come!

Like you, we all want to think about anything that isn't a pandemic right now, so please choose any other topic for your maximum of three competition entries (per player). That's a lie... not anything: disco dancing dino-robots probably overstretch verisimilitude. For drafting tips and advice, check out our issue-writing resource and the Got Issues? subforum (which is where we'd encourage you to draft your issues).

Please submit your entries by the deadline of 14th June 2020 (inclusive) by the usual method. Make sure you are fully happy with your submission before entering, and don't forget to tick the checkbox to mark it as belonging to the Issue Contest.

Please see this thread for full information. Good luck!