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New Thing By Guy Who Made The Site

by Max Barry
Thu, 02 Apr 2020

People often ask me, "Max, why don't you stop writing novels and just work on NationStates full-time?" And I'm like, "Uh, that's kind of offensive. Writing novels is my passion. It's what I love to do." But by then they've wandered off because they don't really care unless there's a web game.

But guess what? This time, there's a web game!

Play the Providence Battle Simulator

It's no NationStates. I'll be honest. But you might find it a fun diversion during these turbulent times.

There's also a book. You might have heard of Providence from the ads on this site. It's about four people on a spaceship who are trillions of miles from home and have to fight aliens who spit black holes.

Providence by Max Barry

“★★★★★ Extremely smart... This is Barry’s masterstroke... page-turning anticipation which pays off beautifully.” —SFX

“Brain-bending adventure” —Newsweek

“★★★★★ Easily the first, best book to beat this year” —Bradley Horner's Book Reviews

“A light-hearted thriller with a superb dark, existential sting in its tail.” —The Sunday Times (UK)


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If you're looking for a good book, or a way to support authors who make satiric web games in their spare time, give it a look! Thank you.