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Election 2020: WA Secretary-General

by Max Barry
Tue, 31 Mar 2020

Has it been four years already??

Yes! It has! Which means it's an election year!

Once again, the coveted position of World Assembly Secretary-General is up for grabs. This is widely regarded as the most sought-after prize in all the world, and comes with unspeakable power, in the sense that no-one has said what it actually is.

★ Your 2020 Election Hub ★

For the last four years, we've labored under WA Secretary-General Caelapes, but has life actually gotten better? I mean, really? I'll leave that to the voters.

Election 2020 will run through three Minor Rounds, during which unviable candidates will be weeded out. Then a final General Election will be held to decide between the Top Five.

Voting is open to most WA member nations. If you have at least five endorsements, you can toss your hat into the ring and run!

And if you help run a region, you can boost for your favored candidate by erecting prominent signange on your region page via Admin → Appearance.

Election 2020! Because we have to do this every four years! Democracy says so!