by Max Barry

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The Nuclear Option

by Max Barry
Fri, 31 Mar 2017

Some people say the only way to win a game of Global Thermonuclear Warfare is not to play. We'll see about that!

It's now possible to develop nuclear weapons, target your enemies, and watch your great metal birds arc across the atmosphere until they either impact your target or are shot down by an advanced satellite defense network, whichever comes first.

If this sounds like something your nation would do, get started by picking a Faction!

Choose a Faction

The war will last for 36 hours, after which nations will be swept clean of radiation.

Arms Agreement in:

Update: For all your post-apocalyptic needs, please enjoy Vault 41, the new forum.

Update 2: Targeted nukes now return to your stockpile if not launched within 1 hour.