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More Rankings Now Included

by Kindly Professor Hell
Sun, 21 Jun 2015

We have a new World Census ranking: Most Inclusive! You can find this on the Analysis page, as well as, before too long, a World Census near you.

To tell you more, here is Issues Tech Kindly Professor Hell!

Throughout history, nations have defined themselves in terms of inclusion and exclusion. The ancient Greeks and Chinese divided the world into two groups—people and barbarians—and knew that "the only good barbarian is an enslaved barbarian." In medieval Europe, it was considered good family entertainment to burn pagans, witches, heretics... and, of course, Bigtopians. And until very recent times, everyone knew that women were unfit to rule, even though on those occasions when a woman came to the throne, they proved themselves every bit as vicious and power-hungry as any man.

Of course, these are modern times, and a lot of nations are trying to do better. How is your nation doing? Has it evolved to the point that Bigtopian immigrants, UFO cultists, descendants of slaves, interior decorators and even artificial intelligences, zombies and the vat-born live together in peace, harmony, and mutual respect? NationStates now has a "Most Inclusive" ranking to help you see. Please don't look down on those nations that rank poorly, since that would be disrespectful of cultures that don't value inclusivity as much as yours. Which means: no gloating!

And if you don't happen to care all that much for inclusiveness—perhaps your policies are geared towards developing a Frightening economy, maintaining a pristine environment, and/or building a large enough army to crush your most determined enemies—you can just ignore this ranking, like you do "Most Cheese Exports". Although that's one you really shouldn't ignore. Cheese makes the world go round; if you don't believe me, just ask the Bigtopians.