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Cards Against NationStates

by Max Barry
Wed, 01 Apr 2015

It's April 1st! You know what that means: time for another ridiculous NationStates mini-game. We used to do simple, mild pranks on April Fool's Day, like NationStates DS and destroying the United Nations and Liberal/Conservative NationStates and making everyone think they'd been hacked, which was actually not so mild but more terrifying and grossly irresponsibile.

But then we did the IPO Share Offer and it was so much fun that people demanded MORE MINI-GAMES. So then there were zombies and ByteCoin and somewhere along the way April Fools Day turned into "create what would be a pretty respectable site in its own right only to tear it down 24 hours later." Which I'm not sure makes a whole lot of sense. But here is 2015's entry:

Cards Against NationStates

Now I think about it, "NationStates Against Humanity" would have been a better name. Oh well! It's too late for that now.

Try it out! It's actually pretty fun.

Update! The banner link is gone, but the game is sticking around, since, you know, it's not hurting anybody.