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Welcome, New Leaders

by Max Barry
Wed, 11 Mar 2015

What with all the kerfuffle, I forgot to officially announce Rift becoming our default theme, thus giving the site a fresh new not-so-2009 look. I was all keen to get this done during Feature February, too. And then I did but didn't say anything.

Anyway, you probably noticed. What you may not have noticed is a bunch of mobile & tablet improvements, too, so NationStates is no longer quite as actively hostile when you're trying to access it on your phone. The reason you might not have noticed this is because, if you're like me, it was so bad, you gave up trying that some time ago.

Meanwhile, the number of nations in the world has been ticking rapidly upwards, thanks to a little publicity on Reddit and elsewhere. There are currently a little over 135,000 active nations, which I'm pretty sure is the most ever, even more than back in 2005, when NationStates was the only good thing on the internet and there was nothing else to do.

In total, more than four million nations have been created over the last twelve and a half years. Four million! That's a lot of freedom. And I still feel like we're just getting started. There are some great projects in the works, including a big one that will almost certainly drop during March. It's not Feature February, but we don't let calendars tell us what to do. Stay tuned.