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Eight Years and a New Lick

by Max Barry
Sun, 28 Nov 2010

I mean look. A new look. Remember when NationStates looked like this? If so, you've been on this site for far too long. But either way, we've had our current look for a long time and are overdue for a fresh look of paint. I mean lick.

Hopefully we can fix a few niggling usability issues, make better use of those new-fangled high-resolution screens people have nowadays, and less resemble 1997. It's an update rather than a complete redesign, and we want your feedback to help shape it! So please try out the beta version here:

... and throw in your thoughts!

If this works out, this will become the default NationStates theme, with the old look remaining available for people who don't want to change.

by Max Barry

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