by Max Barry

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Brave New Forum

by Max Barry
Wed, 29 Apr 2009

We are trialing a new forum! Check it:

Things to know:

  • This is a test. It's possible the server will spectacularly implode under the load, in which case we'll probably have to abandon the idea and stick with Jolt.
  • Once you visit the new forum while logged in as a nation, the sidebar's "Latest Threads" will show you topics in the new forum, not the old one. (To visit the old forum, use the "Jolt Forum" sidebar link.)
  • The Jolt forum isn't going anywhere. Even if our new forum survives this load test, the old one will remain, and you can move between the two as you wish.
Hosting our own forum will give us a lot of flexibility, but for now we're just trying to figure out whether it's viable! If we get through the load test, we'll look more at tweaking the cosmetics and features.