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The South Pacific World Census

The Most Extreme in the South Pacific

The World Census ranked nations on the basis of how odd, extreme, or fundamentalist their social, economic, and political systems are.

As a region, the South Pacific is ranked 10,394th in the world for Most Extreme.

NationWA CategoryMotto
31.The Republic of Utopia socialPsychotic Dictatorship“Todo por la patria”
32.The Kingdom of Holy ChimerlandPsychotic Dictatorship“ٱهۡدِنَا ٱلصِّرَٲطَ ٱلۡمُسۡتَقِيمَ”
33.The United Socialist States of AntiaynPsychotic Dictatorship“For the collective.”
34.The Empire of MorgenePsychotic Dictatorship“Strength Through Freedom”
35.The Republic of Chir YouingcrelsAnarchy“Pride and Industry”
36.The Republic of Free BowerlamokiffAnarchy“God, Homeland, Liberty”
37.The Republic of Cap Dem LonAnarchy“You Can't Stop Progress”
38.The Republic of Reformed Trumphah FedAnarchy“Twirling Toward Freedom”
39.The People's Republic of Prek SbauvAnarchy“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
40.The Empire of FachanPsychotic Dictatorship“We Will Endure”
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