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The Largest Populations in Coldonia

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

As a region, Coldonia is ranked 18,478th in the world for Largest Populations.

1.The Empire of Olivedrabia24,182nd13,251,000,000
2.The Drakonov Federation of Draconovox53,991st6,324,000,000
3.The Second Kingdom of Koedric59,599th5,609,000,000
4.The Forgotten Kingdoms of Monarch Gardens61,489th5,421,000,000
5.The Technocratic Commonwealth of Novika82,416th4,236,000,000
6.The Corporation of Tesco Inc89,560th3,887,000,000
7.The Trearchy of RaFLaNdIa94,934th3,620,000,000
8.The Republic of Deskhs and Slovs of Deskoslovakia100,381st3,385,000,000
9.The Oppressed Peoples of Strekoza105,087th3,134,000,000
10.The Federal Republic of Oncadia105,802nd3,097,000,000