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The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in Capitalist Paradise

World Census analysts spend quiet weekends in the countryside in order to determine which nations have the largest Furniture Restoration industries.

As a region, Capitalist Paradise is ranked 2,358th in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry.

NationWorldSpitz-Pollish Productivity Index
21.The 22 Billion S O B's of FASTERCAT1,934th10,142.97
22.The Syndicate of CoVar Corporation2,010th10,006.18
23.The Borderlands of Giant Redwoods2,078th9,885.66
24.The Supreme Empire of Zeeky Bomb2,134th9,790.43
25.The Free Market Plutocracy of New Portuguese Empire2,175th9,689.43
26.The Plutocracy of Ultracapitalista2,249th9,569.35
27.The Confederacy of Gespain2,271st9,548.94
28.The Jingoistic States of Uxorem meam2,372nd9,377.27
29.The Technocracy of Rashaulgia2,459th9,236.06
30.The Consensus of North America Inc2,510th9,163.56
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