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The Largest Populations in Caer Sidi

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

As a region, Caer Sidi is ranked 15,695th in the world for Largest Populations.

31.The Lesbian Kingdom of Sapphland51,733rd6,656,000,000
32.The United Kingdom of Iomallach52,010th6,617,000,000
33.The Republic of Roundland52,181st6,585,000,000
34.The Allied States of Gaella Sasana53,589th6,407,000,000
35.The Free Land of Kernox54,017th6,345,000,000
36.The Commonwealth of Dester54,487th6,279,000,000
37.The Never Lying of Pooka Nights55,992nd6,121,000,000
38.The Elective Principality of Carlia57,818th5,870,000,000
39.The Grudge After Death of Sadako Yamamura58,400th5,767,000,000
40.The Vampire of Draculaura58,500th5,753,000,000
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