by Max Barry

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The Least Corrupt Governments in Osiris

World Census agents tempted government officials with financial and other inducements to bend the rules and recorded how often their proposals were declined.

As a region, Osiris is ranked 21,755th in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

NationWorldpercentage of bribes refused
7,351.The Holy Empire of The Supreme Great Grand Rossians189,542nd91.47
7,352.The Republic of The Pride of Tharr189,771st91.46
7,353.The Magocratic Rectorate of Rusolveq189,773rd91.46
7,354.The Queendom of Nihay189,790th91.46
7,355.The Republic of SAK712189,802nd91.46
7,356.The Republic of The 132nd Flower189,826th91.46
7,357.The Not so democratic democracy of Fryslan eem189,838th91.46
7,358.The Disputed Territories of Audit the Fed 065189,852nd91.46
7,359.The Republic of All-Russia189,860th91.46
7,360.The Republic of Chernogoria189,868th91.46
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