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The Most Beautiful Environments in Hyrule

World Census researchers spent many arduous weeks lying on beaches and trekking through rainforests to compile a definitive list of the most attractive and best cared for environments.

As a region, Hyrule is ranked 8,758th in the world for Most Beautiful Environments.

NationWorldpounds of wildlife per square mile
1.The Kingdom of ZUChat3,321st2,784.51
2.The Hyrule Regional Gatekeeper of South Malaysia16,213th1,147.97
3.The Unified Empire of New Draygonia23,374th908.88
4.The Community of Card for Bob1253,198th633.7
5.The Goddess of Nayru56,335th622.44
6.The Republic of Din75,346th583.54
7.The Congress of The-Crow88,350th565.54
8.The Goddess of Farore94,904th557.27
9.The Federal Republic of Ruhar171,404th487.95
10.The Republic of Ania Luquiss188,066th469.53