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The Largest Populations in Coldonia

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

As a region, Coldonia is ranked 18,880th in the world for Largest Populations.

21.The United Kingdom of Mantis Land134,119th1,701,000,000
22.The Collapsed State of Portuia136,563rd1,636,000,000
23.The Bloodied Peoples of Czechoslovistan152,356th1,045,000,000
24.The Republic of Askiry161,179th820,000,000
25.The Dominion of Ez-Tulre163,019th769,000,000
26.The Federal Republic of Serbatiya182,545th459,000,000
27.The Emirate of Al-Sandlua188,579th355,000,000
28.The Kingdom of Kasjia194,003rd278,000,000
29.The Allied States of Moineir Siog199,511th221,000,000
30.The Principality of Sloumorn200,756th207,000,000