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The Largest Populations in Caer Sidi

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

As a region, Caer Sidi is ranked 15,756th in the world for Largest Populations.

1.The Ymerodraeth of Ynys Dywyll2,502nd31,974,000,000
2.The Kari of Potchen3,589th28,575,000,000
3.The Other Dizzy Flying Saucers of Frisbeeteria Prime4,496th26,632,000,000
4.The Holy Greater Reich of The Race of Lizards5,899th24,122,000,000
5.The Carrot's Serene Hideaway of Psuedopolis7,048th22,710,000,000
6.The Steampunk Armada of Isle Of Hidden Freedom9,842nd20,443,000,000
7.The Colony of Port of Khazard14,076th18,305,000,000
8.The Archipelago of Genbu Kaiden14,205th18,241,000,000
9.The Futuristic Haven of Archuria14,219th18,235,000,000
10.The Queendom of Antovign14,361st18,153,000,000
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