by Max Barry

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The Most Dead in the World

The following nations have the greatest number of dead citizens.

55,571.The Queendom of Asana Sutra2,256,000,000
55,572.The Kingdom of Wellingtons Test 422,257,000,000
55,573.The Republic of You 2262,257,000,000
55,574.The Republic of You 2372,256,000,000
55,575.The Republic of You 2392,256,000,000
55,576.The Republic of You 2582,257,000,000
55,577.The Republic of Flor de Luz2,255,000,000
55,578.The Republic of You 2822,256,000,000
55,579.The Republic of You 2842,256,000,000
55,580.The Republic of You 2902,256,000,000
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