by Max Barry

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The Most Dead in the World

The following nations have the greatest number of dead citizens.

129,031.The Federal Republic of French Creek313,000,000
129,032.The Dictatorship of Coodle313,000,000
129,033.The Kingdom of Val Sombria313,000,000
129,034.The Empire of Aulmocravia304,000,000
129,035.The Projected Stasis Field of IKS Devisor301,000,000
129,036.The Republic of Thebest55312,000,000
129,037.The Protectorate of Foal Mountain302,000,000
129,038.The Holy Site of Ponehenge302,000,000
129,039.The Watery Republic of Neighagra Falls301,000,000
129,040.The Serene Equine Republic of Hope Hollow301,000,000
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