by Max Barry

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The World World Census

The Most Dead in the World

The following nations have the greatest number of dead citizens.

129,021.The Empire of Nioaque397,000,000
129,022.The Rogue Nation of Loller 56312,000,000
129,023.The Nomadic Peoples of Loller 75312,000,000
129,024.The Allied States of Loller 79312,000,000
129,025.The Protectorate of Loller 80312,000,000
129,026.The Hellscape of Buff Guys292,000,000
129,027.The Empire of Abyssiopia305,000,000
129,028.The Kingdom of Womble 6170312,000,000
129,029.The Kingdom of Womble 6172312,000,000
129,030.The Principality of Lillibet302,000,000
«12. . .11,91511,916