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The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in the World

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

NationWA CategoryMotto
31.The Most Serene Holy Empire of NargothondCorporate Police State“Le nallon si di'nguruthos”
32.The Death-Worshipping Nation of DisgraciaCorporate Police State“𐩣𐩱𐩩𐩺 𐩯𐩱𐩲𐩱 𐩫𐩱𐩣𐩥”
33.The Former UwU's republic of OwOistanCompulsory Consumerist State“OwO What's this?”
34.The Holy Empire of RakBibiStanCorporate Police State“There is nothing because there was nothing”
35.The Holy Empire of HeadcrabiansCorporate Police State“Civil rights exist only to be banned.”
36.The Nationalist Union of NozfarkiaCorporate Police State“Sons of our Father, stand in midnight clad!”
37.The Republic of MaphiaBenevolent Dictatorship“Motto”
38.The Magical Kingdom of Eternal PurgatoryCapitalist Paradise“Home to the Happiest Place On Earth (:”
39.The Republic of Laser GunsCompulsory Consumerist State“Motto”
40.The Celestial Empire of Lovable Alien OverlordCompulsory Consumerist State“It's as if we abducted your heart...”
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