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Getting Help

Q. I don't know how to do something!

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions and the forums! You can also ask your fellow regional residents for help by posting on your message board.

Q. Something's not working!

To the Technical Forum! This is where people report bugs and help solve technical problems.

Q. Someone is breaking site rules!

Use the form below!

Request for Moderator Intervention

Please be nice to our moderators! They are volunteers.

[+] Guide to Making an Effective Help Request

1. Please tell us exactly what the problem is. "_______ is bothering me" is too vague to be useful. "Testlandia has sent me three abusive telegrams in the past twelve hours" is better.

2. Tell us who is involved. "Some guy is spamming our region with puppets!" is less useful than: "Testlandia is spamming our RMB and we suspect that Puppet1, Puppet2, and HaHaYouCan'tProveIt'sME are also their puppets."

3. To report a specific telegram, dispatch, or post on a Regional Message Board, click its timestamp (e.g. "12 minutes ago") and use the "Report" link on the next page.

4. You can report misbehavior in the forums by posting in the Moderation forum.

5. We don't police other sites and can't do anything about misbehavior that takes place somewhere else.

6. To request an API key for sending telegrams, ensure your nation is resident in the right region, mention this region in your request, and describe the purpose of the key (e.g. recruiting, WA campaigning). Note that you will be responsible for all usage of the key.

Problem Description


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This form is not for general inquiries or questions.