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Nations of Holy Black Order

  1. The Holy Empire of SeterranM
  2. The Kingdom of Facepunch RuleM
  3. The Confederacy of ThebomeeE
  4. The Totalitarian Dictatorship of La MediciM
  5. The Azadate of SovyankaS
  6. The State of Fox HowtopiaS
  7. The Sound Idea of Sound IdeasE
  8. The Imperium of Federal United Kingdom Of BritianiaM
  9. The Island of God of Bali KingdomS
  10. The Socialist Republic of KartunesiaE
  11. The Democratic People's Republic of EviliseM
  12. The Military Junta Dictatorship of RbaliM
  13. The Confederacy Minecraft of Block-WorldM
  14. The Confederacy Minecraft of BlockCraftE
  15. The Kingdom of YulianE
  16. The ABM System Area of MPCE A 0S
  17. The ABM System Area of MPCE A 23S
  18. The ABM System Area of MPCE A 27E
  19. The ABM System Area of MPCE A 30E
  20. The Original KRABBY PATTY of Best Krusty Krabs Number 1S
  21. The Confederacy of Block-World 2S
  22. The Original CHUM STICK of Chum BucketsE
  23. The Fast Food Restaurant Hotel of Krusty-TowersM
  24. The Federation of Bali StateI
  25. The Empire of BayuwangiI
  26. The Island of Thousand Temples of -BaliS
  27. The People's Republic of Tampak-SiringS
  28. The Fast Food Restaurant of -The Krusty Krab-S
  29. The Tyranny Dictatorship of -Mr Krabs-M
  30. The Revolution Leader of -Squidward Tentacles-E
  31. The United Socialist States of -Spongebob Squarepants-S
  32. The Commonwealth of -Patrick Star-S
  33. The Empire of Bali AmpliflayerE
  34. The Federation of -Republic Bali-S
  35. The Federation of Bali EmpireS
  36. The Federative Commonwealth of GralovE
  37. The 1st Naval Squadron of Interimian IE
  38. The 2nd Naval Squadron of Interimian IIS
  39. The 3rd Naval Squadron of Interimian IIIE
  40. The Yatsumin Concept Republic of Puncak JayaS
  41. The 4th Naval Squadron of Interimian IVE
  42. The 5th Naval Squadron of Interimian VS
  43. The 8th Naval Squadron of Interimian VIIIE
  44. The 9th Naval Squadron of Interimian IXE
  45. The 10th Naval Squadron of Interimian XE
  46. The 11th Naval Squadron of Interimian XIS
  47. The National People's Republic of BlangstanS
  48. The Kingdom of Parabellum UnionS
  49. The Kingdom of Eagle StarS
  50. The Grand Duke of Indonesian UnionnS