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Nations of Space Folding Nuclear Force

  1. The Kingdom of Jew ManM
  2. The Commonwealth of KanicondaI
  3. The Central Turkian Republic of SunnisiastanS
  4. The Empire Federation of AlskiE
  5. The United States of Capitalism ClubE
  6. The Dictatorship of PLS CONSERVEM
  7. The Empire of Great WangS
  8. The Blue Kuomintang Republic of Fantasy TaiwanM
  9. The Microsoft Corporation of The Island of WindowstopiaoplisS
  10. The Community of Furry FansE
  11. The Confederacy of East HemisphereS
  12. The Empire of FirnisaM
  13. The Confederate Republics of HaltoriaM
  14. The Dictatorship of Right AuthoritarianM
  15. The Free Land of LeftLibertarianE
  16. The Republic of Fred G SanfordS
  17. The Confederacy of Proto-TechnoE
  18. The Principality of RegrblS
  19. The Community of Lakes of FaultS
  20. The Theocracy of CavetonE
  21. The Colony of Lake landE
  22. The Incorporated States of New SquashM
  23. The Empire of Villager EmpireE
  24. The Republic of IAppleM
  25. The Community of OvertoniaS
  26. The Disputed Territories of Mangrove Chicken IslandsM
  27. The Holy Empire of Eggsactly EggsellentI
  28. The Roman Empire of Antoninus PiusE
  29. The 𝐓𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫 of PARILANDE
  30. The Sultanate of Makat AlmukaramaM
  31. The Republic of LianheguoI
  32. The Federation of -Alski-I
  33. The Federation of PortumE
  34. The Sultanate of MahometusM
  35. The Kingdom of Kingdom of PalaM
  36. The People's Republic of Rendang-LoboE
  37. The United Kingdom of Rendang and PalaE
  38. The Commonwealth of ScaroplisS
  39. The Empire of Scaroplis 129M
  40. The Community of Planet RoyaniaE
  41. The Commonwealth of Alpha Centauri StarE