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Arms Control Treaty Now In Effect
No Targeting / No Launching
Learn To Love Again


1.Crabs of the ApocalypseFlag1,287,97416,601 NationsCrabs of the Apocalypse
2.Crabs of the Apocalypse 25,75111 Nations
3.Crabs of the Apocalypse 34,65311 Nations
4.Crabs of the Apocalypse 44,21111 Nations
5.Crabs of the Apocalypse 53,98511 Nations
6.Crabs of the Apocalypse 63,44411 Nations
7.Crabs of the Apocalypse 73,08311 Nations
8.Crabs of the Apocalypse 82,76211 Nations
9.Crabs of the Apocalypse 92,38511 Nations
10.its Crabs all the way down btw1,73111 Nations
11.told ya, its a crab1,64611 Nations
12.All Nations Against LiberalsFlag1,22010 NationsAll Nations Against Liberals
13.NebulaFlag1,0553 NationsAovelale
14.Labyrinth TheFlag91117 NationsThe Labyrinth
15.Caffeinated8153 Nations
16.The Shadow CollectiveFlag7562 NationsThe Shadow Collective
17.not austria?5322 Nations
18.Boring3761 Nation
19.O_M_IFlag3757 NationsTelekinesis
20.Joco's JesterFlag2783 NationsWest Heisen Military Command
21.Conlang AllianceFlag2744 NationsMa Toki Pona
22.Angora Guanaco Nuclear Offence PactFlag2660 NationsAngora Guanaco
23.Kors wanted to target meFlag17712 NationsPsychotic Dictatorships
24.The Silent Warriors860 NationsSilent
25.Saviors of Mankind02 Nations
26.Miegslanian-Ethusian WMD Treaty02 Nations
27.Brotherhood of NodFlag02 NationsCommand and Conquer Universe
28.ICN Security Pact01 Nation
29.All Crabs Are Bad01 Nation
30.Misspelled01 Nation
31.Prawns of The Apocalypse01 Nation
32.Lone SharkFlag01 NationThe United Islands of the Atlantic
33.Nuclear PeaceFlag01 NationAtlantian Oceania
34.Sneaky SpudsFlag00 NationsThe Potato Alliance
36.Skuzz ValleyFlag00 NationsSchuylkill Valley
37.Faction of LigmaFlag00 NationsAnglospheric Empire's CotA all the way down btw00 Nations
39.00 Nations
40.Liberation Army of Chadtopia00 Nations
41.Kaliningrad Nuclear Ops00 Nations
42.I figured it out00 Nations
43.The Joco’s Jester00 Nations
44.Common Endorsement of NationsFlag00 NationsTriad Archipelago
45.The Leg SultanateFlag00 NationsDot
46.Augustin Alliance00 Nations
47.Okay00 Nations
48.Poor People UnitedFlag00 NationsThe Thaecian Senate
49.Ayy lmao00 NationsAyy lmao

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Factions are scored on Strikes minus Radiation.