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Nations of The Western Isles

  1. The United Republics of Dormill and StiuraE
  2. The Chanani Domination of WellsiaI
  3. The Democratic States of KoweaM
  4. The Dominion of Inertia TheoryE
  5. The Republic of DniproooooE
  6. The Theocracy of RelmilE
  7. The Independent States of Scawtland RepublicS
  8. The Republic of San JimenezM
  9. The Holy Empire of Walter MittyM
  10. The Utopian Kingdom of the Union of RoendavarS
  11. The Kingdom of Greater AnnecyS
  12. The Ahnslen N-Day HQ of KeveraiS
  13. The Community of LyesovoE
  14. The Estral Republic of AizconaE
  15. The Commonwealth of HintuwanS
  16. The Third Autumn Republic of SolaryiaS
  17. The Realm of OstellanE
  18. The Dictatorship of MillsiaM
  19. The Republic of ColdwoodsM
  20. The Salimanese Federation of The United PartitionsS
  21. The Empire of HelligorS
  22. The Federal Republic of UpreaM
  23. The Republic of ScaediaM
  24. The United Commonwealth of AeterosS
  25. The Catholic Empire of EsterazdravoE
  26. The People's Republic of CostavozkaS
  27. The Glorious Eternity of The Immortal RealmM
  28. The Theocracy of The CoquimsM
  29. The Queendom of MerisE
  30. The United Socialist States of PloeguaE
  31. The Republic of KuwarkiistanS
  32. The Republic of Republic of NerzioniaM
  33. The Kingdom of ElaniaM
  34. The Community of Malaysia AirlinesE
  35. The United Kingdom of Timatanga hoE
  36. The Republic of The Coronado IslesM
  37. The Incorporated States of Offshore IslandsI
  38. The Federal Republic of AtridoliaS
  39. The Theocracy of NajimamE
  40. The Empire of TregaE
  41. The United Kingdom of Quebec et Nouvelle-AngleterreS
  42. The Nomadic Peoples of SajalodiaE