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Nations of United Order

  1. The Domain of Historians and GeologistsS
  2. The Empire of KelemengradE
  3. The United Sovereign States of CrusadamE
  4. The Half-Baked Principality of HustlertwoE
  5. The Archaisms of FordariaS
  6. The Republic of SlavanodI
  7. The Rogue Nation of Jerrys PantsE
  8. The Gun Fanatics of The 2nd Facepunch RepublicM
  9. The United Nations of Greater MeradoniaS
  10. The Eektara of EektaraM
  11. The ˝ of The Axolotl FederationM
  12. The Democratic Republic of YesYesYesYesM
  13. The Democratic States of New RotariaS
  14. The Imperial Federal Empire of TransapolS
  15. The Union of Freeborn Republics of Great Slavic EuropaM
  16. The Democratic States of A place igI
  17. The Armed Socialist Union of East Asian BastionsS
  18. The New Republic of AzakanawaS
  19. The Grand Duchy of Cute anime girl uwuM
  20. The Confederate Empire of EliziastanE
  21. The Underground Empire of KlwrgwrgS
  22. The Imperial Dynasty of The Qao DynastyS
  23. The Democratic Empire of BlitzrepublicE
  24. The Rogue Nation of Unified AnarchismM
  25. The Queendom of Spike IslandS
  26. The Republic of Amogusian RepresentitiveS
  27. The Angevin-style empire of Operation AnglicaE
  28. The People's Republic of Ourry PorlandM
  29. The Armed Republic of Slightly Moist KingdomI
  30. The Free Land of Greater AnarchiE
  31. The Most Serene Republic of VaticalicM
  32. The Free Land of UritalitariaE
  33. The Republic of Who cardsS
  34. The Republic of Who cards 2E
  35. The Disputed Territories of The Backr00msS
  36. The Republic of Habitable ZoneM
  37. The Queendom of SyastaS
  38. The Republic of New PlutoniM
  39. The Republic of New IsopiaI
  40. The Republic of Archaic NewsE
  41. The Armed Republic of Archaic Defense ForcesS
  42. The Republic of My alt for embassiesM
  43. The Republic of Sugoma fo cilbuper detinuI
  44. The Republic of Archaic CourtS
  45. The Allied States of StonkplaceS
  46. The Republic of Liberation Force 01S
  47. The Federal Republic of Krow-BockM
  48. The Republic of SorchLandM
  49. The Dominion of Right Hand ManM
  50. The Republic of ShapeM