by Max Barry

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DescriptionImagine being Fuster Cluck, and needing a faction of 200 people to take out a faction that had 3 people and their puppets in it that made it to 9th place. They have 9000 score with 200 people, that is 45 score per person. We got 687 score with 3 people, meaning over 220 score per person. That means they are nearly 5 times worse than 9th place when they are in 5th place. Even if we included the 7 people who did barely anything at all we in our numbers, would still have over 60 score, still more than Fuster Cluck. That figure doesn't even include our total strikes and nukes shot down (1,854 and over 600 respectively). Not to mention they have such high numbers but it took over half an hour to destroy 2 of my puppets when they had 5-6 people striking at it. Yeah, it would suck to be Fuster Cluck, wouldn't it?

This faction is: INACTIVE
CURRENT TARGET: page=faction/fid=26/view=nations

Recommended course of action for each class:
Military specialist? Produce nukes and attack whoever J o Jian units are attacking unless otherwise specified.
Strategic Specialist? Produce shields and defend our glorious army!
Economic specialist? Use your production at your own decision to best benefit the situation.

Do not attack top 15 factions or any NAP factions listed here:
- None yet..

(Also, sorry about the self-centered name, I expected this to only be a temporary faction until I joined a big one, but that was not the case this year!)
(And NO, I am not "no-lifing" the event... I just cleared my schedule for N-Day so I can abuse my puppet shuffling abilities. Cheers!)

Founded by J o J.