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Skelly the gecko iJ o Jian Nuclear Program100 Strikes91 RadiationWansul
WhyachiParking Lot16 Strikes2 RadiationPortaria
WhyachiParking Lot50 Strikes50 RadiationPortaria
WhyachiParking Lot48 Strikes48 RadiationImperial Siber
Cannot Get A NameUnited Big City Forces11 Strikes11 RadiationWansul
Cannot Get A NameUnited Big City Forces11 Strikes11 RadiationImperial Siber
Cannot Get A NameUnited Big City Forces11 Strikes11 RadiationPortaria
Cannot Get A NameUnited Big City Forces3 Strikes3 RadiationImperial Siber
Cannot Get A NameUnited Big City Forces3 Strikes3 RadiationPortaria
Biotalmans Forces of The FrontUF Alliance80 Strikes80 RadiationDas Vundermarkedt
DabberwockyUF Alliance71 Strikes71 RadiationOmertasa
DabberwockyUF Alliance3 Strikes3 RadiationOproton
Aweas ventinbumbinerUF Alliance73 Strikes73 RadiationAspernic
Greater Siberia-MongoliaUF Alliance25 Strikes25 RadiationGordtofron
Greater Siberia-MongoliaUF Alliance13 Strikes13 RadiationGordtofron
Greater Siberia-MongoliaUF Alliance9 Strikes9 RadiationWestauria
Greater Siberia-MongoliaUF Alliance30 Strikes30 RadiationForza2cheater
NekinnUF Alliance46 Strikes35 RadiationOproton
NekinnUF Alliance31 Strikes31 RadiationFederation Administration
NekinnUF Alliance34 Strikes34 RadiationWestauria
Russian DatlofUF Alliance8 Strikes7 RadiationWestauria
AquaeviaUF Alliance86 Strikes9 RadiationIntecerus
Team red dragonUF Alliance19 Strikes0 RadiationThe paladin league
HaraneUF Alliance29 Strikes0 RadiationThe paladin league
Russian DatlofUF Alliance5 Strikes5 RadiationForza2cheater
Russian DatlofUF Alliance16 Strikes16 RadiationUNCASA Founder
AquaeviaUF Alliance56 Strikes56 RadiationAspernic
WestpathiaUF Alliance57 Strikes57 RadiationAspernic
Team red dragonUF Alliance37 Strikes4 RadiationAspernic
The Flyin GatekeeperUF Alliance11 Strikes4 RadiationTAF Proxy
The Flyin GatekeeperUF Alliance3 Strikes3 RadiationOproton
The Flyin GatekeeperUF Alliance12 Strikes12 RadiationOproton
The Flyin GatekeeperUF Alliance3 Strikes3 RadiationElsalvador
The Flyin GatekeeperUF Alliance1 Strike1 RadiationElsalvador
The Flyin GatekeeperUF Alliance1 Strike1 RadiationElsalvida
The Flyin GatekeeperUF Alliance1 Strike1 RadiationOmertasa
The Flyin GatekeeperUF Alliance11 Strikes11 RadiationTorona
The Flyin GatekeeperUF Alliance1 Strike1 RadiationTorona
The Flyin GatekeeperUF Alliance12 Strikes12 RadiationFederation Administration
BNI NationUF Alliance22 Strikes15 RadiationWilsonvile
BNI NationUF Alliance34 Strikes34 RadiationHuang Dong
Arktus praetoriumUF Alliance2 Strikes2 RadiationForza2cheater
AquaeviaUF Alliance14 Strikes14 RadiationHuang Dong Diplomat
AquaeviaUF Alliance21 Strikes21 RadiationHuang Dong
The volcanic plains of aquaeviaUF Alliance3 Strikes2 RadiationSoviet wilsonvile
HaraneUF Alliance2 Strikes1 RadiationWilsonvile
BeatitasUF Alliance7 Strikes7 RadiationHuang Dong
BeatitasUF Alliance31 Strikes31 RadiationHuang Dong
BeatitasUF Alliance62 Strikes62 RadiationHuang Dong
Datlovian monolithusUF Alliance2 Strikes2 RadiationWilsonvile
Zolshec frontierUF Alliance2 Strikes2 RadiationWilsonvile
Zolshec frontierUF Alliance1 Strike1 RadiationWilsonvile
Team red dragonUF Alliance24 Strikes24 RadiationThe paladin league
The Flyin GatekeeperUF Alliance51 Strikes51 RadiationThe paladin league
United caliningrad republicUF Alliance9 Strikes9 RadiationWilsonvile
KrtzbekistanUF Alliance22 Strikes22 RadiationHuang Dong Diplomat
The volcanic plains of aquaeviaUF Alliance5 Strikes5 RadiationSoviet wilsonvile
The volcanic plains of aquaeviaUF Alliance93 Strikes93 RadiationWilsonvile
United caliningrad republicUF Alliance27 Strikes27 RadiationWilsonvile
The frontier peopleUF Alliance31 Strikes28 RadiationWilsonvile
The Great Imperator JeffreyUF Alliance10 Strikes10 RadiationJohnnyappleseed
EcholodiaUF Alliance1 Strike1 RadiationJohnnyappleseed
The Great Imperator JeffreyUF Alliance29 Strikes29 RadiationJohnnyappleseed
OrpingBonk37 Strikes2 RadiationThe paladin league
Cardboard barrelsBonk21 Strikes19 RadiationThe paladin league
Cardboard barrelsBonk27 Strikes27 RadiationThe paladin league
PrimikkUF Alliance47 Strikes47 RadiationHuyland
OrpingBonk26 Strikes26 RadiationRobinhood12
Cardboard barrelsBonk4 Strikes4 RadiationImperial Siber
OrpingBonk21 Strikes21 RadiationPortaria
Cardboard barrelsBonk2 Strikes2 RadiationMPM1
Cardboard barrelsBonk8 Strikes8 RadiationFirsthaf
Cardboard barrelsBonk6 Strikes6 RadiationPortaria
Cardboard barrelsBonk2 Strikes2 RadiationPortaria
Cardboard barrelsBonk17 Strikes17 RadiationImperial Siber
Cardboard barrelsBonk7 Strikes7 RadiationImperial Siber
Cardboard barrelsBonk8 Strikes8 RadiationFirsthaf
FiujiBonk3 Strikes1 RadiationPortaria
FiujiBonk11 Strikes11 RadiationPortaria
FiujiBonk2 Strikes2 RadiationImperial Siber
FiujiBonk4 Strikes4 RadiationImperial Siber
FiujiBonk1 Strike1 RadiationImperial Siber
ChickenshrimpBonk34 Strikes34 RadiationThe paladin league
FiujiBonk8 Strikes8 RadiationImperial Siber
ChickenshrimpBonk52 Strikes52 RadiationOrca and Narwhal
FiujiBonk73 Strikes73 RadiationAspernic
OrpingBonk2 Strikes2 RadiationFirsthaf
OrpingBonk49 Strikes49 RadiationFirsthaf
SnegggBonk1 Strike1 RadiationJohnnyappleseed
Middle SherrodembalonBonk54 Strikes54 RadiationHuyland
SnegggBonk2 Strikes2 RadiationJohnnyappleseed
SnegggBonk56 Strikes56 RadiationJohnnyappleseed
Middle SherrodembalonBonk3 Strikes3 RadiationHuyland
SnegggBonk10 Strikes10 RadiationJohnnyappleseed
North quee charoshistendriBonk3 Strikes3 RadiationPortaria
North quee charoshistendriBonk51 Strikes51 RadiationImperial Siber
SnegggBonk14 Strikes14 RadiationJohnnyappleseed
North quee charoshistendriBonk6 Strikes6 RadiationPortaria
Middle SherrodembalonBonk27 Strikes27 RadiationHuyland
Middle SherrodembalonBonk13 Strikes13 RadiationHuyland
SnegggBonk17 Strikes17 RadiationJusticia y paz
North quee charoshistendriBonk25 Strikes25 RadiationPortaria
North quee charoshistendriBonk2 Strikes2 RadiationPortaria
North quee charoshistendriBonk13 Strikes13 RadiationPortaria
Middle SherrodembalonBonk2 Strikes2 RadiationHuyland
Middle SherrodembalonBonk1 Strike1 RadiationHuyland
CorlintiaUPPERCUT11 Strikes11 RadiationFirsthaf
AbadongUPPERCUT45 Strikes45 RadiationAspernic
AbadongUPPERCUT4 Strikes4 RadiationFirsthaf
AbadongUPPERCUT5 Strikes5 RadiationFirsthaf
AbadongUPPERCUT8 Strikes8 RadiationFirsthaf

Each nuke that Strikes its target generates 1% Radiation, up to a maximum of 100%.

Strikes on a fully irradiated nation do not count toward the total.

Radiation slows the rate of new Production. A 100% irradiated nation cannot generate any Production.