by Max Barry

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DescriptionWitness this radiant Mod Advice:

  • By entering into the faction, you enter nuclear combat.

  • Build shields first and foremost! Make sure you have enough stockpiled so if someone sends you a barrage of missiles, you are able to defend your home. Only afterwards should you attack. Radiation is permanent for this event and after your mutant lizard people form their own underground society, you're out.

  • Do not attack targets in Evergreen Conifer, New West Indies, Arctic, or Canada. They are identified to be friendly.

  • Avoid attracting the attention of Uppercut and The North Pacific Machine, lest eight thousand cyber warriors decent on your bedroom to apply bug spray to your fingers.

  • Maple 1 through 30 in Refuge Pocket Dimension will be extra shield batteries. If you are in need of intervention, send a signal flare in the Chat or telegram Refuge Isle.

  • Oaks 1 through 100 in Refuge Pocket Dimension will be preparing missiles for our treasured Nazi associates.

  • You are recommended and encouraged to locate targets from your telegram Advice and prepare a volley of missiles to relocate their molecules to another dimension.

The Minotaurs are now in a non-aggression pact with Calamity Refuge. Do not fire on their alliance

Good "luck" and stay safe

- Luca


Although we lost, I'm proud of how long Refugia was able to hold out against the onslaught of a hundred thousand missile from the #2 faction and protect its members and allies.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this event!

Founded by Refugia.