by Max Barry

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FuriouslyFuster Cluck Coalition0312000
ABC123 48Fuster Cluck Coalition0652000
The MinhoFuster Cluck Coalition18422000
Ironshell sat066Fuster Cluck Coalition01842000
Ironshell sat009Fuster Cluck Coalition01712000
Fcc 10th missile batteryFuster Cluck Coalition0152000
Ironshell sat020Fuster Cluck Coalition01912000
Gory britainFuster Cluck Coalition0322000
Fcc 3rd missile batteryFuster Cluck Coalition67452000
Summer ShadowsFuster Cluck Coalition01762000
Synne IndustriesFuster Cluck Coalition01612000
Ironshell sat041Fuster Cluck Coalition01632000
Lord ZamasuFuster Cluck Coalition002000
Ironshell sat014Fuster Cluck Coalition01902000
Ironshell sat091Fuster Cluck Coalition01832000
Ironshell sat043Fuster Cluck Coalition01722000
Ironshell sat030Fuster Cluck Coalition01732000
Ironshell sat071Fuster Cluck Coalition01842000
Comando expedicionario vnd1Fuster Cluck Coalition002000
I Remember YouFuster Cluck Coalition0302000
SuwakoFuster Cluck Coalition002000
Area 51 RaidFuster Cluck Coalition0842000
Ironshell sat051Fuster Cluck Coalition01722000
You better watch yourselfFuster Cluck Coalition002000
Might always beFuster Cluck Coalition002000
Ill be backFuster Cluck Coalition0842000
Keiki HaniyasushinFuster Cluck Coalition002000
Karak kadrinFuster Cluck Coalition0482000
Ironshell sat038Fuster Cluck Coalition01742000
Eternal Radiance Karna MastaFuster Cluck Coalition0812000
Hakurei-samaFuster Cluck Coalition0982000
Mass OppressionFuster Cluck Coalition0852000
Ironshell sat070Fuster Cluck Coalition01842000
Ironshell sat019Fuster Cluck Coalition01902000
Max AshleyFuster Cluck Coalition0312000
War Demon ShusuiFuster Cluck Coalition002000
Ironshell sat005Fuster Cluck Coalition01922000
ARE YOU FEELING IT NOW MISTER KRABSFuster Cluck Coalition0772000
Casual SmokerFuster Cluck Coalition002000
The BataviaFuster Cluck Coalition33352000
Ironshell sat075Fuster Cluck Coalition01842000
Sith LordFuster Cluck Coalition0852000
SwordswomanFuster Cluck Coalition002000
Kutaka NiwatariFuster Cluck Coalition002000
The Two GaliciasFuster Cluck Coalition5502000
Ironshell sat008Fuster Cluck Coalition01922000
Yuri PairingsFuster Cluck Coalition0852000
Gun jesusFuster Cluck Coalition200332000
The SnapFuster Cluck Coalition002000
Hell Raven Six-Six-SixFuster Cluck Coalition0762000
Something lurkingFuster Cluck Coalition002000
MejilloniaFuster Cluck Coalition20412000
Uss cyclopsFuster Cluck Coalition0622000
Only the greatest form of love there isFuster Cluck Coalition0312000
Ironshell sat092Fuster Cluck Coalition01842000
Truthful HappinessFuster Cluck Coalition01782000
NationstaniaFuster Cluck Coalition722000
Kokoro-chanFuster Cluck Coalition0982000
Democratic North KorussiaFuster Cluck Coalition0802000
Ironshell sat025Fuster Cluck Coalition01902000
Nation That Speaks the TruthFuster Cluck Coalition0312000
Ironshell sat100Fuster Cluck Coalition01822000
Ironshell sat057Fuster Cluck Coalition01722000
Ironshell sat069Fuster Cluck Coalition01842000
Malnourished MarsupialsFuster Cluck Coalition0842000
Random country with no significant valueFuster Cluck Coalition002000
Ironshell sat058Fuster Cluck Coalition01722000
Ironshell sat067Fuster Cluck Coalition01842000
ABC123 64Fuster Cluck Coalition0702000
British Government in ExileFuster Cluck Coalition40402000
Ironshell sat049Fuster Cluck Coalition01722000
Ironshell sat026Fuster Cluck Coalition01902000
Ironshell sat044Fuster Cluck Coalition01732000
Ironshell sat003Fuster Cluck Coalition01932000
LookFuster Cluck Coalition0312000
KatanasFuster Cluck Coalition002000
Season 2 NationStates CardFuster Cluck Coalition0312000
ABC123 74Fuster Cluck Coalition0662000
Rose of MayFuster Cluck Coalition002000
InnocentFuster Cluck Coalition002000
Fcc 7th missile batteryFuster Cluck Coalition200452000
OmnipresentFuster Cluck Coalition0312000
Ironshell sat004Fuster Cluck Coalition01932000
Considerably CompassionateFuster Cluck Coalition002000
Shrine MaidenFuster Cluck Coalition0982000
Uss nautilusFuster Cluck Coalition002000
Saki KurokomaFuster Cluck Coalition002000
OpulentFuster Cluck Coalition002000
Ironshell sat056Fuster Cluck Coalition01722000
Ironshell sat079Fuster Cluck Coalition01862000
Ironshell sat053Fuster Cluck Coalition01712000
Ironshell sat084Fuster Cluck Coalition01742000
Ironshell sat037Fuster Cluck Coalition01732000
Bad AppleFuster Cluck Coalition002000
NTN FSSFuster Cluck Coalition22522000
Old MastersFuster Cluck Coalition002000
Ironshell sat090Fuster Cluck Coalition01842000
Ironshell sat032Fuster Cluck Coalition01902000
Deserted ParadiseFuster Cluck Coalition01762000
Ironshell sat022Fuster Cluck Coalition0882000

Production accumulates automatically over time, up to a cap of 50 for Military and Strategic specialists and 200 for Economic Specialists.