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GalrythiaHunting Wolf4 StrikesOmnica
SkundiC.A.R.D.1 StrikeDe nederland
The colovian empireHunting Wolf1 StrikeOmnica
The colovian empireHunting Wolf21 StrikesOmnica
The colovian empireHunting Wolf5 StrikesUnified Empiricus
The colovian empireHunting Wolf1 StrikeUnified Empiricus
Dom 96Canopy54 StrikesTheLocust Horde
Dom 96Canopy13 StrikesTheLocust Horde
Dom 95Canopy53 StrikesThe Impierum of Man
Dom 96Canopy27 StrikesTheLocust Horde
Dom 95Canopy13 StrikesThe Impierum of Man
Dom 95Canopy15 StrikesGerman Livonia
Dom 95Canopy27 StrikesThe Impierum of Man
Dom 95Canopy40 StrikesGerman Livonia
Dom 95Canopy7 StrikesThe Impierum of Man
Dom 94Canopy48 StrikesGerman Livonia
Dom 95Canopy7 StrikesTheLocust Horde
Dom 93Canopy40 StrikesN0va empire
Dom 93Canopy13 StrikesThe Guru
Dom 94Canopy6 StrikesN0va empire
Dom 93Canopy49 StrikesDe nederland
Dom 94Canopy54 StrikesN0va empire
Dom 93Canopy9 StrikesDe nederland
Dom 92Canopy41 StrikesDe nederland
Dom 93Canopy70 StrikesThe Guru
Dom 93Canopy17 StrikesThe Guru
Dom 92Canopy13 StrikesRotunda defense council
Dom 92Canopy17 StrikesRotunda defense council
Dom 92Canopy9 StrikesArtienia2
Dom 92Canopy70 StrikesRotunda defense council
Dom 92Canopy49 StrikesArtienia2
Dom 91Canopy18 StrikesDecepticonCybertron
Dom 91Canopy50 StrikesArtienia2
Dom 91Canopy7 StrikesDecepticonCybertron
Dom 91Canopy49 StrikesArtienia
Dom 91Canopy75 StrikesDecepticonCybertron
Dom 89Canopy81 StrikesThe martian american federated states
Dom 90Canopy52 StrikesArtienia
Dom 89Canopy28 StrikesInnstradd
Dom 90Canopy7 StrikesInnstradd
Dom 89Canopy20 StrikesThe martian american federated states
Dom 88Canopy78 StrikesOmnica
Dom 87Canopy59 StrikesTheRed-Faction
Dom 87Canopy29 StrikesTheRed-Faction
Dom 87Canopy15 StrikesTheRed-Faction
Dom 87Canopy39 StrikesThe Democratic Nation of Unovia
Dom 86Canopy68 StrikesThe Democratic Nation of Unovia
Dom 86Canopy4 StrikesUnified Empiricus
Dom 86Canopy67 StrikesUnified Empiricus
Dom 85Canopy19 StrikesGhazghkull tribe
Dom 86Canopy4 StrikesUnified Empiricus
Dom 84Canopy44 StrikesGhazghkull tribe
Dom 85Canopy19 StrikesUnified Empiricus
Dom 85Canopy37 StrikesGhazghkull tribe
Dom 83Canopy75 StrikesSernatiao
Dom 84Canopy6 StrikesSernatiao
Zoom-70Horsemen of the Apocalypse66 StrikesCradon Accord
Zoom-70Horsemen of the Apocalypse66 StrikesInnstradd
CoryanhafflarudaUF Alliance15 StrikesSernatiao
Kerbal KindUF Alliance6 StrikesSernatiao

Radiation slows the rate of new Production. A 100% irradiated nation cannot generate any Production.