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Anonymous nation


At least do something here this time if you’re going to keep it.


Hi all

Void pocket n141b

You hear a sound reminiscent of pasta being wriggled.

Speech begins to form in your thoughts, as viscous as the sound.

"Humans of the world, I come to participate in this grand uniting. Allow me to discuss with you how this globe may be changed."

The god leaves behind him a urgent feeling, as if he was expecting something."

Anonymous nation wrote:SERIOUSLY?

At least do something here this time if you’re going to keep it.

I could come on board with that. I am getting more and more free time as my busy season wraps up, so I could be around NS more often. It'll probably be September before I'm at 100% though as I've still got a major RL project over my head until end of August.

I am currently without a home region. I was removed from my home region St Abbaddon quite a while ago, but, I have been to busy IRL to do much since then. I haven't decided where I'll spend time in NS. This region would be as good a fit as any, after all I've got 14 WA resolutions under my belt back in the day. I'm sure I'm rusty, but I didn't have this region for no reason. I was once a pretty active WA Author and I was an important person in the early period of the Security Council. I like your idea for running the region as though it were a mock WA. You had some pretty good ideas to build on.

Soooo.. Want to keep going?

And to be more specific, would you be okay with this region moving forward with your plan for the region with me as Founder? I don't want to steal your idea, I hope you'll stick around (maybe less anonymously).

Anonymous nation

Soooooo,  what is this house rules regarding endorcements?  Mine is, if you scratch my back, I scratch yours.  

That would be fine with me. Though none of the members of World Assembly are World Assembly Members yet. :P