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Ok so uh everyone researched for cure

Yeah no zombies we can all eat our leeks now

I already proposed embassies to anime.

Is the Anime region even active

I don't know, it's been a few days since the region was active.

Post self-deleted by VocaloidsMiku.

I found a more active region called Anime and Memes Alliance. They should respond.

Hey guys making some recruitment telegrams because i just wanted to.

Neo otaku has constructed embassies with us.

We also got something from the SECfanatics.

Hello fellow vocaloids how is everyone doing

VocaloidEmpire wrote:Hello fellow vocaloids how is everyone doing

Good, you mind if I give you some leeks

Hatsunia's wiki page is finally complete:

Hello everyone, we need a holiday called leek day as well as miku day

VocaloidEmpire wrote:VocaloidRinKagamine how did you die

She was probably needed some rebooting.

Vocaloid is great music

Mommy Yuno wrote:Vocaloid is great music

Unlike the region which's quiet

Hewwo I'm going to activate the RMB again.

VocaloidsMiku wrote:Hewwo I'm going to activate the RMB again.

Ok then