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The final nail in this story of hubris, conspiracy, and decay; as the last dying gasps of an old age fade, and the burning embers of a new one begin to take hold.

Speaking of which I need to get better at writing, or at least do it to the point where we're not waiting several months to a year, only to forget where I left off.

RIP WoS. December 2013 - July 2017, almost as long as WWI. Now stay dead.


Greetings. I am just some jerk who's played NationStates on and off for some time. But I'm trying to get back into the game, hopefully permanently.

Welcome, Renegade!


Thank ya!


Let it be known that in the end, we were betrayed by the one we expected least, the Greater Mushroom Kingdom.

Oh sorry I didn't know it was a bad thing :( I

I am so so so so so so sorry! I thought this was just a for fun jokey thing. :(

Please forgive me Comrade Commisar I didn't know this was a serious thing. ;-;

You're fine. I was just kind of poking fun at the fact.

Oh phew thank the good lord. I will now just do the cure/take out method since I found out this isn't a joke and its dead (no pun intended) serious.

Do whatever you want, it's all in good fun. Zombies, cures, killings - doesn't matter.

Welcome to Necrocracy!

This is the future we chose.

Who would have thought the Mushroom Kingdom would have been the one to be overrun...

No wonder I'm in the top one percent for the most dead.

I have been a bad girl. :(

As if the region couldn’t get any worse.

By the grace of Our Lord Almighty the GANG OF FOUR hath delivered Valkians into glorious victory beneath the auspicious banner of St. Mackonia (peace be upon to him, and may the angels illuminate his illustrious tomb in brilliant light!), and repelled the invasion of two nefarious, scheming vandals who had so outrageously disrupted the tranquility of our region. The GANG OF FOUR (may they reign for ten thousand years!) responded against the threat of foreign hordes in such commendable and exemplary agility that even the barbarians failed to notice our reaction during their misrule, which ended with minimal casualties thanks to the vivacity and wisdom of our illustrious sovereigns, who are committed to their approach of neutralistic pacifism and succeeded in doing so!

To commemorate this fortunate event I propose that we celebrate today as the regional holiday, "the Day of Our Brilliant Victory against the Alien Hordes", that regional funding to be diverted for the construction of a triumphalist monument which portrayed a black hawk being skewered alive by a trap catgirl(boy), and for I to be appointed in the newly established office of Caliph-Seiitaishogun due to my priceless contribution in our heroic struggle.

Revere the Emperor, Expel the Barbarians!

Congratulations for the repulsion of raider-fags. Holy crap, that as a close one.

Thank the lord whoever stopped these idiots!


alright seriously guys, whoever isn't in the discord should probably be there by now

also kick out the remaining 3 raiders lynx

What happened to my Embassy powers?

How corrupt are your IC governments?

>using rmb

But to answer the question, corruption in Darussalam is generally considered to be low. There are major disincentives against regulatory capture: the public sector and state expenditure is small relative to GDP, and there is a clear delineation between what is and is not under political control. The salary for Darussalami administrative officials/bureaucrats are probably one of the highest in Valkia as well, with higher-ring Councilors earning annually between $1-2 million, partly to attract high-talented individuals and partly to discourage corruption as well.

There is probably patronage to promote certain individuals into high offices to a certain extent, although the rules are well-defined and the practice is fairly transparent.

also wb nexon

Comrade Commisar and San anderrie

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