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Actuality in Clarkstan|August 2022

The day that was expected for seven months, which is when the parliamentary investigation, the public report of the chief prosecutor and the review of his work in connection with the tragedy on the Anderson bridge that happened in January, will connect on Monday, August 8.Due to the excessive importance of the tragedy in which many people died and the emphasis on solving the case as soon as possible, the strongest party is facing a big challenge.Most of the analysts, even those on the left, believe that the People's Republican Party has no involvement in that case. While the liberal ones believe that if their responsibility is proven, the government of Vyaceslav Kanaev should resign.
If hypothetically such a thing were to be justified, the ruling party would experience a big drop in ratings and a big reputation that it built with its actions during its rise to power in 2000, when the fight against organized crime was announced and successfully implemented.The government should definitely resign then because there would be a wave of protests and new parliamentary elections would undoubtedly be called.The leader of the People's Republican Party-Christian Democrats, Emily McLayde, said that she would be the first to leave the position of leader and before that she would demand the resignation of the government if it turns out to be like that. But she also emphasized that she is convinced that no one from the party is behind the tragedy.
Everything will start with the public hearing of the supreme prosecutor in the parliament on Monday and end with the parliamentary investigation. If everything goes without complications, the epilogue is expected at the end of October and the beginning of November.

The radical right-wing parliamentary coalition, the Patriotic List, unites into one party called the Right Alternative party.According to analysts, this shows that the right is more united than ever, which is not the case with the left, which is divided on many issues.The right has been the leading ideology in Clarkstan for 22 years. Former President Gavrić was considered the leader of the ideology for many years, and now Prime Minister Kanev has succeeded him.Also, the newly formed party will continue to be the main supporter of the current government.


After the recent visit of a press team to the government, a picture of the current prime minister was taken at his working desk, behind him was the Clarkstan map, which included all of Sybira under state control.Until recently, the same folder was also in the presidential palace while Gavrić was in office, and it is still present in the headquarters of the People's Republican Party - Christian Democrats.

Recently, in a TV show, the member of the ruling party in the federal parliament, Edward Harrison, said the following:Whatever the name of the people who live there, they are Clarkstanian but apostates. The territory of Sybira is historically Clarkstan and the communists are to blame for the fact that it is independent. Its integration into Clarkstan's universe should be a long-term goal.

The leftists have an answer to that, they agree with the statements that it is Clarkstan territory, but its possible annexation would be harmful, columnist Kate Lanshet analyzed two scenarios of the annexation of Sybir.

1. Military: Clarkstan would have been exhausted, that war would have lasted a decade. Victory would have been likely, but the average Clarkstanian would have felt it painfully because his standard of living would have been affected.There is a high probability that Clarkstan would end up in a recession in the worse than it was in the 90s.
2. Joining by the free decision of the citizens of Sybir, least likely, easy but very difficult. In this case, institutions and the economy would voluntarily accept Clarkstanian economic legislation. But there would appear an economic division into the rich West and the poor East. Internal immigration would be without any doubt.There would be a possibility of conflict due to the decline in the standard of living of the western part of Clarkstan.

In the conclusion, it is stated that the annexation of Sybir is a difficult mission, because it is similar to the annexation of a larger but poorer part that should get back on its feet.

Liberals believe that the issue of Sybir is a case that has long been resolved, according to them, it is an independent state.

대한제국 • Kingdom of Corea | 외교부 • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
광명천지 • Let the land be enlightened

Executive Council Resolution on the Recent Developments in the Military Situation in Thailand

    We, the Corean government expresses grave concern about the military conflict between the members of SEATO and the Kingdom of Thailand. We are concerned over the lengthened period of violence and the unverified allegations supporting this invasion. We call on the UFN Secretary-General and Parliament to act on this matter promptly.

    x Executive Council of the Kingdom of Corea

Gazeta Sybirska
There is but one question in the minds of residents of the capital today - who will be the next mayor of Dubieńów?

With three emergent candidates from the ONP - incumbent mayor Zan Cisek facing challengers Boris Topolski and Marta Smaguła - and only a few weeks until mayoral election day, GS has asked the political competitors the three questions most pressing to the capital and how they would each deal with the issues.


In other news
- Watch: MPs laugh at Speaker's recitation of Clarkstani "annexation white paper".
- "Not just bikes." Home Secretary explains committee plan for smaller carways and pedestrian-focused roads.
- Thai forces continue to "fight until the bitter end" against occupation.

CLTV 1 News|August 10,2022|Layton

Today, the Federal House approved President Elizabeth Hall's proposal on the introduction of Universal basic income, which will enter into force on January 1, 2023.This fulfilled the first election promise of the current president, Elizabeth Hall called this day a big step forward and thanked everyone who supported it.Prime Minister Vyaceslav Kanaev said that he did not comment negatively on the President's proposal even during the election campaign, but the only thing he was disputing was the way it was implemented.At the end, he stated that the law was adopted thanks to the will of the parliamentary majority and he was glad that the government's suggestions on that proposal were adopted.

Invitation to Montevento representatives to visit Clarkstan.

President Hall and Prime Minister Kanaev would like to speak with representatives of the Montevento area of ​​possible cooperation. Clarkstan proposes talks in the fields of science, economics, education and defense. A great interest in the proposals of the opposite side was also shown.

- Diplomatic representative of FR Clarkstan in Montevento

London Daily Herald
13 August 2022 | £2.50

Voting age to permanently be lowered to 16 years

    CARDIFF -- During the 2015 general election, Moderates leader and eventual Prime Minister Léo Trudeau made lowering the voting age to 16 for all elections and referendum questions a key part of his strategy to win Angladen's younger voter bloc. This worked--the Moderates won over young voters and toppled the incumbent Conservative government. After forming government, the Moderates pushed forward a law to create a 10-year trial period in lowering the voting age to 16 with the foundation to codify that trial period into a permanent age minimum embedded within said law. 16 year-olds were enfranchised first in the 2016 local/provincial elections.

    4 elections later (5, after this year's local/provincial elections), SDP Prime Minister Kristina Moulin has announced that the government will codify the lowered voting age permanently. While the trial period for the lowered voting age does not expire until 2025, the Social Democrats are attempting to galvanize Angladen's youth who are forming an increasing segment of the electorate into participating in the upcoming elections and to win votes in key races. A spokesperson for 10 Chester, the Prime Minister's official residence and workplace, said "the Prime Minister is working expeditiously to make the enfranchisement of our country's future a right rather than a privilege."

    Leader of the Opposition John O'Toole (Con) criticized the government's action, saying that "I am not opposed to giving our youth the ability to vote, but the government doing so before the trial period is over is a power grab that displays the despair that the Social Democrats are in about the upcoming elections." Christopher Williamson of the People's Democrats echoed O'Toole's criticism, saying "the Social Democrats know they can't win so they have to turn to brainwashing our youth." Frasine Waters of the Greens, Eva Nokleby of Indigenous People's, and Ishaan Khatri of The Left each individually issued statements of support for this action and committed their caucuses to yes votes on the impending legislation.

    Parliament is expected to consider this legislation early next week.

SDP is in disarray in Québec--party braces for a wipeout in September local/provincial elections

    MONTRÉAL -- At the Social Democratic Party's campaign headquarters in downtown Montréal, it is eerily empty considering the election season for the 2022 local/provincial elections is in full swing. A few campaign staffers moved around, putting on pots of coffee, shuffling papers, and typing out e-mails. The atmosphere of the country's governing party's campaign operations in the country's second most populous province reflects the grim state of its campaign here.

    The Social Democrats form a minority government in the Québec Deliberative with party leader Anaïs Delwart-Kumar holding the chancellorship following the resignation of former Chancellor Chantel Dubois to take on the office of presiding officer at the United Forum of Nations Parliament. Delwart-Kumar, in her third term representing portions of Montréal in the Deliberative, had little name recognition prior to succeeding Dubois as SDP party leader. Now she faces the daunting role of preserving an SDP government in next month's elections--with deflating traction. Delwart-Kumar, however, remained optimistic when the Daily Herald spoke to her at her Montréal townhome, saying "I am confident that we will prove to millions of Quebecois that the Social Democrats have delivered results for them and will continue to do so under my governance."

    The SDP's woes at the provincial level have seeped into the local level as well. In Montréal, the country's second most populous city and a dominating force for the left, incumbent mayor Valérie Bergeron narrowly survived a vote of confidence by the city's SDP association last month. Bergeron's term as mayor has been dogged down by scandals which have clouded public confidence in her governance and spurred investigations that are ongoing, including one into her policy advisors having accepted multi-million dollar bribes in exchange for mayoral backing of awarding of lucrative contracts to their originators. In Québec City, the provincial capital and a more conservative city by Angladien measures, the SDP has struggled to field candidates for all positions for the city assembly and haven't won a mayoral race there in recent memory.

    Québec has long been a stronghold for the governing Social Democrats, even as the party was wiped out nationally by the Conservatives in 2011 and later by the Moderates in 2015. The Social Democrats have continuously formed a government at the provincial level in the 21st century, though the thinning majorities indicate that voter confidence in the party to pursue policy has diminished. September's local/provincial elections will be a test of how the party will grapple with its decline in the province and how national Social Democrats will move forward.

NHS working on procuring additional monkeypox vaccines

    CARDIFF -- Minister of Public Health Howard Tsui (SDP) announced Friday that the National Health Service (NHS) is in a global search to procure additional monkeypox vaccines "as expeditiously as we can" in order to tackle the monkeypox disease. As of this article's publishing, Angladen has recorded 1,359 cases with a little less than half of them being in Ontario. As he announced work on procuring vaccines, Tsui stressed that "there is no cause to panic as we currently have adequate numbers of vaccines to offer them to all high-risk individuals." Unlike the United States which has authorized smaller doses, Tsui also noted that "Angladen is studying potential authorization of vaccine dose divisions to expand vaccination availability but that is not yet authorized."

    Monkeypox cases have been steadily climbing and Prime Minister Kristina Moulin (SDP) declared a public health emergency earlier this month on 5 August. The current public health emergency allows for additional funds and resources to be allocated and activated to handle the monkeypox disease. However, Moulin, when declaring the public health emergency, stressed that "we are not foreseeing a repeat of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions but I encourage all Angladiens to take necessary precautions such as avoiding unnecessary physical contact and frequent handwashing to protect themselves and their loved ones."

    On an equality and equity lens, Minister of Culture & Cohesion Anna Elkson (SDP) issued a press release on 8 August saying "monkeypox, contrary to false reports, is not a gay disease. We must avoid any form of discrimination and stigma as we confront this public health issue together as Angladiens."

In Other News
UFN: Leskya's Yathmir Safayrdluf resigns as Secretary-General
Government commits to a parliamentary debate on status of Mackinac Island
Angladien universities admit fewer students over space constraints; pressure to make more seats available
Finance Minister Timothée Dupont proposes savings accounts for every Angladien child to promote personal finance
Scotland is growing fast, bucking trend of population stagnation in the Maritime provinces

[OOC: A provincial deliberative is the equivalent to a state legislature.]

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