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You might have more luck with that on the NationStates Forum....

I would suggest that you, The United Cristobal Emirates, go post those two questions (PC Desktop & roleplay) on the actual NationStates Forum...the big daddy located on the left panel.

@Queendom of Radamova: Lets talk about anything you want.




**Message from WA Delegate**
New voting poll has commenced in the WA. Please vote in the poll "Condemn Emporia Towers". We do encourage all nations to vote and if not, apply for the World Assembly (WA). Please contact the founder before applying.

The united states of logan

Yeah i voted for it

Good job. We need much more people like you to vote in the World Assembly.

Congratulations on The dictatorship of the united cristobal emirates for being elected for Vice President! Hope you contribute to changes in the region in the future.

**Message from your president**

Nations that attain more than two endorsements will face consequences.

The united states of logan

What kind of consequences?

**Message from your FOUNDER**

To answer your question, The united states of logan, You will face ejection and/or banishment.

We will ultimately decide what happens when it happens. SO JUST DON'T LET IT HAPPEN.

We're not trying to be mean, we are only trying to do what is best for the region.

The united states of logan

But I don't understand why? Its just two endorsements I mean I had 4 of them back at 10000 islands so i dont see the problem.

Because WE ARE NOT 10000 ISLANDS. We are United Alliances. Different rules.
You are now required to endorse your WA Delegate.
...We will however be a little lenient on the consequences. Just do as we say and you won't have to worry.

Post self-deleted by Emad.

@ The Republic of The United States of Logan: Because you shouldn't have more than half the endorsements the WA Delegate has. The WA Delegate of the 1000 Islands has much more endorsements than me, so it's okay for some people to endorse him.

**Message from your WA Delegate**

A new WA resolution has come upon us. Please contribute in the poll "Stopping Suicide Seeds". Please vote as soon as possible. Every vote counts in the World Assembly. We do encourage all WA nations to vote.

P.S. Please remember to endorse and only endorse the WA Delegate.

The united states of logan

@The Federal Republic of Zorca now if iI didn't worry about this then why would have joined in the first place. I think you should have a vote whenever people want these rules or not. And if they do then OK then enforce them but if they don't then be like the democracy you claim to be and abolish it

**Message from your FOUNDER**
The united states of logan, I understand your frustration.

Emad and I will take these suggestions into consideration and figure a out a plan that will work for the better of United Alliances.

The united states of logan

OK that's all I ask is that everyone has a say thanks

No problem. @ The Federal Republic of Zocra: It's your region, your rules. Do whatever you like doing. It's yours to reign.

I will endorse once my WA application goes through

Post self-deleted by Zocra.

Post self-deleted by Zocra.

Good to Racktovia

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