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Sometimes I find myself stumbling upon random stuff while browsing TWI

I need your help here guys...



Corinthus Vendriothos


Early Khas-Kirat Empire


Aath Magarat Period (1500 - 1817)

Note: The term Aath Magarat means "8 Magarat", referring to the 8 mainland Magarati hangates who called themselves that to be distinguished from "outer hangates". Modern-day Athara Magarat (which is a non-Magarati corruption of the word "Aath Magarat") largely derives its national and regional identity from the Aath Magarat. The Aath Magarat Period lasted for over 300 years and is considered to be one of the most peaceful era of Khas-Kirati and Magarati history, specifically in comparison to the Warring Hangates Period before it and the Dark Century after it.





12th December

The Aklian Crusade ends after the 120,000-strong Aklian army is defeated by 90,000 Anti-Aklian forces at the decisive Battle of Khiji. The Iszkari (who are from Razzgriz), specifically the children of Aklia, are still allowed to maintain their holdings in Magarat despite being defeated in the war. The Warring Hangates Period also ends as the 8 mainland Magarati hangates that emerged in the aftermath of the war (Mahakirat, Chuli, Liba, Tamuwan, Sinja, Chatha, Tamsaling and Great Ipachi) agree to never declare war on each other; which leads to the peace treaty being named the Peace of Vendriothos (or Magarati Peace).


Ipon, the newborn daughter of Nee Mikchan Hangma of Tamsaling and Rhon Hang of the Great Ipachi Hangate (one of the sons of Aklia), is declared the heir to both hangates.


The Khas-Kirati Invasion of Aizcona begins after a massive 150,000-strong army from the 8 mainland Magarati hangates and various outer hangates enters Estral territory.


The Khas-Kirati Invasion of Aizcona ends with Estral victory against all odds.


Rhon Hang dies in his sleep and his 15 years old daughter Ipon becomes the ruler of the Great Ipachi Hangate. While the Iszkari considered Tamsaling (ruled by Ipon Hangma in the name of her sickly mother), Great Ipachi Hangate and 14 hangunates in Razzgriz as parts of the same country; the other six mainland Magarati hangates and various "outer hangates" made clear distinction between Tamsaling and Great Ipachi state as two hangates ruled by the same person.


Ipon Hangma is officially crowned the ruler of the Great Ipachi Hangate.


In Townside, the Jhingraja and the Dandamare clans declare their independence from the Gharabja Hangunate. However all three hangunates are still vassals of the Chhantyal Hangate.


With the death of her mother Nee Mikchan Hangma, Ipon Hangma officially becomes the ruler of Tamsaling as well. The Iszkarification of Tamsaling begins as more and more Iszkari are brought from Razzgriz to settle in southeastern Magarat.


Ipon Hangma dies childless and her nephew Kuman inherits all of her titles.


Kuman Hang dies of uncertain causes without any heir.


In Townside, the Jhingraja and the Potlange clans unite to form the Jhingraja-Potlange Hangunate while still being loyal vassals of the Chhantyal Hangate.


In Townside, the Tathapja clan declares independence from the Jhingraga-Potlange Hangunate. The newly-formed Tathapja Hangunate swears fealty to the Chhantyal Hangate.


In Townside, the Bhalanja clan declares independence from the Jhingraga-Potlange Hangunate. The newly-formed Bhalanja Hangunate swears fealty to the Chhantyal Hangate.


By the 18th Century, Buddhism had become a minority religion in Tamsaling (whose Tamang people had been of the first Khas-Kirati tribes to convert to Buddhism). The other six mainland Magarati hangates hated the Iszkarification of Tamsaling but had done nothing for over 200 years as the Peace of Vendriothos forbade them from declaring war on Great Ipachi Hangate or Tamsaling which the Iszkari rulers controlled. When Wan'Yan Hang of the Chhantyal Hangate (Townside) proclaimed himself the "Defender of Magarati Buddhists", the rulers of Tamuwan (which was a Buddhist majority state) and Sinja (which feared growing Iszkarification within its borders) sent a secret letter to him urging him to declare the Chhantyal-Tasztli War.


The Chhantyal-Tasztli War ends with a Townsider Chhantyal victory. The Hangate of Tamsaling is once again ruled by Buddhist Tamangs and most of its Iszkari population is expelled.


In Townside, the Gharti clan declares independence from the Gharabja Hangunate. The newly-formed Second Gharti Hangunate swears fealty to the Chhantyal Hangate.


In Townside, new branch of the Bhalanja clan (vassals to the Chhantyal Hangate) comes to power. The name of their state is changed to the Second Bhalanja Hangunate.


In Townside, the Jhingraja-Potlange Hangunate splits into the Second Jhingraja Hangunate and the Second Potlange Hangunate. The latter agree to become vassals of the former (who in turn are vassals of the Chhantyal Hangate).


In Townside, the Gyapchan clan declares independence from the Khadka Hangunate. The newly-formed Gyapchan Hangunate swears fealty to the Chhantyal Hangate.


In Townside, the Purane clan declares independence from the Khadka Hangunate. The newly-formed Purane Hangunate swears fealty to the Chhantyal Hangate.

Dark Century (1818 - 1918)







In Townside, the Singe clan declares independence from the Second Jhingraja Hangunate. The newly-formed Second Singe Hangunate swears fealty to the Chhantyal Hangate.


The Tea War is fought between the Noronican Empire and the alliance of Liba Hangate and Hangate of Tamuwan. The brief war ends with a decisive Noronnican victory and Myagdi Island (present-day Tapu Sahr) becomes part of Noronica.


In Townside, new branch of the Purane clan (vassals to the Chhantyal Hangate) comes to power. The name of their state is changed to the Second Purane Hangunate.


In Townside, the Second Potlange Hangunate stops being vassals of the Second Jhingraja Hangunate after emerging victorious a brief war of independence. The newly-formed Third Potlange Hangunate swears fealty to the Chhantyal Hangate.


In Townside, new branch of the Jhingraja clan (vassals to the Chhantyal Hangate) comes to power. The name of their state is changed to the Third Jhingraja Hangunate.


The First Canal War is fought by Dormill and Stiura against the Liba Hangate and Mahakirat Hangate. Verdon intervenes on the side of the side of the two northern Magarati hangates and the war ends with a Doraltic defeat. However, both Liba Hangate and Mahakirat Hangate become bankrupt after fighting the war and are unable to finish the construction of the canal by themselves. To pay their debt, the two hangates sell their territories to their Noronnican ally. The Noronnican Canal Colony (present-day Central Canal Authority) is established in these newly bought territories. The Noronnicans also take over the construction of the canal from their allies.


11 November

Tilija Hangma, last living member of the mainland Magarati branch of the House of Mgar at the time, is killed in Courlaroux (Dormill and Stiura) by an unknown bullet after her carriage passed through a riot. As the Mahang, she was visiting Dormill and Stiura to strengthen relations between the two powers. While most historians agree that her death was an accident, many still believe that it was a planned assassination.


With the death of Tilija Hangma, the only suitable candidates for the next Mahang are all non-Magarati claimants. The Khas-Kirati Succession Crisis worsens as every hangate endorses a claimant from their foreign ally as the next Mahang.


6 April

The War of the Khas-Kirati Succession (remembered as the Great Gael War in Gael) begins. The eight Magarati hangates are divided into two sides: the Northern Magarati Alliance (Tamuwan, Lib, Chuli and Mahakirat) and the Southern Magarati Pact (Chatha, Sinja, Tamsaling and Great Ipachi). The Northern Magarati Alliance fight the great war on the side of the Triumvirate (Noronica, Dormill and Stiura and others) while the Southern Magarati Pact join the Coalition (Razzgriz, Verdon and others).


Ceasefire in Gael but the great war continues in Argus.


End of the great war in Argus as a member of the Noronican royal family is crowned the new Mahang of Khas-Kirat Empire. After becoming the Mahang, his first decision is to abolish the Khas-Kirat Empire

Magarati Dominion (1919 - 1927)





The Khas-Kirat Empire, which was more of a loose confederation than an actual empire, is replaced with the heavily-centralized Magarati Dominion. Nyssic administrators rule the entire Magarat region (which then included most of northern San Montagna) and some non-Magarati territories that used to be part of the Khas-Kirat Empire (such as Remodio) from the Dominion capital of Libang (the corruption of Liba Hang) in the name of the Noronican crown.






As a subject of the Noronica Empire, the Magarati Dominion is forced to follow the Nolon City Naval Arms Limitations Treaty. Protests take place in Libang over the signing of this treaty and the Noronnican police open fire on them. Resentment over the treaty and Noronnican rule grows in Magarat.






The War of the Khas-Kirati Succession is declared officially over but the Great Gael War continues.




By the late 1920s, the Noronica Empire is the sole great power in the Isles. Dormill and Stiura, Razzgriz and Verdon are all weakened by the Great Gael War (having lost many to the great war while gaining little) and the Khas-Kirat Empire does not exist anymore. Anti-Nyssic sentiments rapidly grow in Magarat, just as in most of the Isles, against a so-called "Nyssic World Order".

Imperial War Period (1928 - 1948)

Note: While the Imperial War took place between 1941 - 1948, in Magarat the term "Imperial War Period" is used for the two decades between 1928 and 1948.





End of the Nyssic crown-led Magarati Dominion after the Noronican government, fearful of an open Magarati rebellion led by Hem Arumhang, agrees to leave Magarat. However, to achieve independence, the Magaratis have to abide by Noronnican terms (which included a clause forcing the Magaratis to ratify the Nolon City Naval Arms Limitations Treaty, forbidding them from declaring war on anyone for the next 10 years and the number of Magarati soldiers being limited to 100,000). The Magarati leadership agree to the Noronnican terms in order to have a swift and bloodless independence but soon ignore the Nolon City Naval Arms Limitation Treaty and the 100,000 men army size limit imposed on the new rapidly militarizing nation. Doravo-born Arumhang, who is unable to be crowned as Mahang since he has no connections of the Imperial Clan or the House of Mgar, declares himself the emperor of a fascist Magarat.


The Empire of Magarat is officially declared a separate entity from the Khas-Kirat Empire.










Beginning of the Doman-Magarati War.


Ioudaia officially joins the Doman-Magarati War on the side of their neighbor Domanania after the Battle of TBDIoudaiantown.


Ceasefire between the Empire of Magarat and Domanania-Ioudaia alliance. The Doman-Magarati War would later continue as another front of the Imperial War.


25 December

In what is now known as the "Christimas Deal", the leadership of the Empire of Magarat, Doravo and Dormill and Stiura secretly agree to divide the Isles into their respective "spheres". The three fascist allies are initially called the "New Triumvirate" but will later be known as the "Neo-Imperialists" as more nations join their faction that fought against the "Free Powers". Emperor Hem Arumhang of Magarat also offers his diplomatic support to Doraltic leader Ludovic Denis in his war against Roendavar.


March 16

Simultaneous attacks across the Isles by Magarati, Doravan and Doraltic forces marks the official start of the Imperial War. Representatives of the three fascist states meet in Concordia, the capital of Dormill and Stiura, to make their alliance official. The Magaratis declare war on San Montagna



After nearly two months of fighting, the San Montagnan government capitulates. Various reasons are sighted for the defeat of the San Montagnans from the outdated equipment and lack of resources to unqualified leadership.



The Empire of Magarat invades Solaryia. The Solaryian government surrenders later that year but resistance forces keep fighting from the mountains.




Free Powers Liberation of San Montagna begins.


Free Powers Liberation of Solaryia.


The Liberation of San Montagna is successful. The Free Powers Invasion of Magarat begins.


End of the Imperial War.

Post-Imperial War Period (1949 - 1999)





TBD conference where all parties agree that the Imperial Magarati Armed Forces should be disbanded, the Magarati borders should be same as in 1937 and an occupation force of various Free Powers nations should be stationed across Magarat. Trials of Imperial Magarati war criminals in TBDcountry. Many governments across the Isles force their Khas-Kirati minorities to leave their country and settle in occupied Magarat. One such example of this forced migration are the Almorean Kumals who will "return" to western Magarati coastline on large numbers during the next decade.


Backed by Razzgriz, the Argean Ipachi peoples declare an independent Ipachi State in southeastern Magarat. Just like how occupied Magarat is now supposed to be the home for all Khas-Kiratis across the Isles, the Ipachi State is intended to be a country for all stateless Ipachi peoples across the Isles. Only Razzgriz and a few of her allies such as TBD recognize the sovereignty of Ipachi State, which the newly-established Magarati Federation considers as one of its constituent hangates.


The International Treaty signed in the International District grants the Western hangate the "authority of a sovereign state" to establish the Armed Police Force of Magarat (APF) to defend against the threats posed by the Ipachi State and ever-increasing communist uprisings within the federation. Since the TBD 1949 conference and the Magarati Constitution itself prohibited the "raising of a Magarati army ever again to prevent Magarati imperialism in future", the land-based national self-defense of the federation is still handled by the APF; which is a military organization in all but its name.


The Majhi clans finally pledge their allegiance to the Ipachi State. With this, all major Argean Ipachi peoples except for the Bote tribe and the Kusunda clan recognize Ipachi State.


The Western Hangate joins the Cooperative Union as a founding member. Almost all Almorea Kumals "resettled" along the western Magarati coastline (in particular the city of Kumaltar) as only 3,000 Kumals remain in Almorea.


Disgruntled at the betrayal of the Free Powers who had promised them an independent Khumbuwan in exchange for fighting against the Imperial Magarati Armed Forces, a radical ethno-nationalist organization called the Khumbuwan Liberation Front (KLF) starts launching small-scale terror attacks in northern Magarat and southern CCA. However, they are initially ignored and seen more as nuisance as communist uprisings and the Ipachi State are seen as far more greater threats.


Beginning of the 30th Parallel War between San Montagna and the Ipachi State over the disputed Chatha region.


San Montagnan forces occupy most of the Ipachi State.


With the backing of Razzgriz, the Ipachi State manages to push back the San Montagnans.


End of the 30th Parallel War.


As per the treatyTBD, the international community recognizes the 30th Parallel North Line as the official border between San Montagnan and Magarat. Most of Chatha is now under de facto San Montagnan control and both the Ipachi State and the Magarati Federation refuse to recognize the new border or give up their claims on what is now the northern San Montagnan states of Chatha and Terra Nuova.


The Ipachi State government lays the blame for their failure and territorial losses during the 30th Parallel War on the Catholic Chepangs and starts persecuting them.




21st Century





The pro-Magarat Majhi clans and Catholic Chepangs form an alliance to fight against the Ipachi State government that is persecuting them.
















June 15

The Western Hangate and the Eastern Hangate unite into a single country and the present-day Magarati Federation officially consisting of 8 hangates (Tapu Sahar, Tapu Hangate, Newa Island, Sinja, Western Hangate, Eastern Hangate, Ipachi State and Outer Hangate) is established. However, only three hangates (Sinja, Western and Eastern) are under direct control of the Magarati federal government. The three island city-states of Tapu Sahar, Tapu Hangate and Newa Island are highly autonomous and have their own governments. The Ipachi State considers itself an independent nation at war with the Magarati Federation and is recognized by Razzgriz and TBDcountries. The "Outer Hangate" is a blanket term for all foreign territories that the Magarati Federation considers to be part of it (such as northern San Montagnan states of Chatha and Terra Nuova, southern half of the CCA, Dura Hangate in Sawneeak Atoll currently under de facto Townsider control, Wellsian-protectorate Kachee Sultanate in Charbagnia and TBD).


Since Eastern Hangate's Khumbuwan and Sinja's Western Chatha areas have ongoing insurgencies from Khumbuwani separatists and Catholic Chepang rebels respectively, the relatively peaceful Western Hangate's capital New Libang is declared the capital of the new Magarati Federation as well.


The Magarati Federation labels all rebel groups fighting against it as "Separatist Hordes of Chatha and Khumbuwan" (SHOCK) regardless of their ideology or affiliation.




Read factbook

Anyone who has had something to do with Khas-Kirati or Magarati history (I know that's like 2/3rds of the Isles) provide me dates for the wars and other important events?

I hope you all are fine with Athara Magarat being a non-Magarati corruption of the term "Aath Magarat"

Westmoor Isles wrote:Definitely doesn't help that 2020 was basically an entire year on pause.

And 2021 is looking to be much the same, unfortunately... :/


Ruthumbria wrote:200th nation, haha.

Welcome new guy.

Belantica wrote:Hello

Hello and welcome


LinkHello there. Thanks for joining the Western Isles!

You must be wondering what you can do here and how, what is expected of you and how to start role-playing... I'll try to answer these questions in this dispatch.

First of all, if you haven't done so already - go ahead and introduce yourself on our regional message board (RMB). You can post things like what country you're from, if you're new to NationStates or to role-playing (RP), what kind of a nation you want to create, and anything else you'd like to share.

About the Region

Where do we communicate?

  • IC communication (in-character, meaning role-playing) is done on the NationStates forums

  • OOC communication (out-of-character, from general chatting to world-building) is done on the RMB and the forums

  • Telegrams are usually OOC

We don't have offsite forums, but there's a "mostly unofficial" Discord chat.

How does this region work?

We use the NationStates platform to create fun and interesting stories, about our nations, peoples, and leaders. We usually discuss ideas and plan RPs on the RMB and in OOC forum threads, and then co-write them as RPs, news, accounts, information, and history in dispatches and IC threads.

We have a democratically elected government (you can run for office) in-charge of several aspects of the region:

  • Facilitating RP and promoting world-building and cooperation in the region

  • Managing the region in terms of regional rules and standards

  • Recruiting new players and managing our embassies with other regions

For more information, you can read through the following dispatches when you get a chance:

  • The Constitution - It details the responsibilities of the various government officers and the Founder, as well as the processes of legislation and elections in the region. Of course, there's no need to remember it all, but it's there if you need it.

  • The Regional Rules and Conduct - That's just... The rules. You know, don't be a jerk to others, don't spam the RMB, and so on. The map rules are also there, but we'll get to that in a minute.

  • The Monthly Report dispatch - Contains current and updating information about the region (recent stats of the region, weekly updates, important daily events, etc.).

This is confusing... Can anyone help?

Of course, most of us can. If you still have questions, you can do either of the following:

  • Post a question on the RMB; you'll likely get an answer not long after.

  • Send a personal TG to any of the officers (listed in the WFE) or to an active member

Your address for questions regarding specific RP rules is the Sec. of RP (Roendavar). Feel free to tag him in your RMB post or to TG him.

About Role-Playing in the Region

How do I get a spot on the map?

Our regional map is the basis of our RP, and it is therefore reserved for nations who actively engage in RP or plan to do so.

To be added to the map, send Vancouvia a telegram with answers to several simple questions - they are listed under "Map Rules" in the Regional Rules and Conduct dispatch.

How do I develop my nation?

Here in this region we don't use NationStates stats at all. Population, economic status, main industries, defense budget - All of those things are up to you, the player, to decide! Make factbooks or dispatches describing your nation's culture, history, religion, government, economy, climate, military, science, industries, people, corporations, trade deals, and anything else you can think of.

Are there limitations?

RP in this region is based on realism and modern-technology, so keep your nation in those limits. There are a few other guidelines we have in place to keep things balanced, for example:

A while ago I attempted to summarize the realism-related guidelines in our RP in a dispatch. It explains the certain limitations on size and population, size of military and economy, WMDs and such. These are not rules, but I encourage you to read them.

To sum up: Be humble, think balance.

Other than that - the limit is your own creativity. Feel free to look around and read other nations' factbooks and dispatches for ideas. See for example:

Take some time to look around, get to know the other players and the region as a whole, and develop your nation. I recommend doing that before getting into RP.

Alright, what now? Where do I RP?

You can get to the region's ongoing RPs and events in either of the following ways:

  • Through the "Ongoing Events and Perpetual RPs" in the region's World Factbook Entry

  • Through Ainslie's RP Directory, which contains the region's RPs, alliances, and collaboration threads

As a start, I recommend reading the recent posts in the regional news thread and posting some of your own, before moving on to more complex RPs. This would allow players of the region to get acquainted with your nation and your style.

NS is full of useful guides on RPing and writing. This one, for example, is short and to the point. This has all the NSCodes. This thread explains about RPing warfare. There are many more RP guides and tip dispatches or threads around the site - feel free to explore and learn more about RPing.

For any question on the region (or not), feel free to ask on the RMB or to any of the active members.

Read factbook

What's with all the joining nations all of a sudden, is it just me? Or is there a lot more than usual

Belantica wrote:Hello

Welcome to TWI, Bel! Glad to see you over here.

Hospitaller West Indies wrote:What's with all the joining nations all of a sudden, is it just me? Or is there a lot more than usual

Recruitment drives happen periodically, that's when the spikes happen

Dormill and Stiura wrote:Welcome to TWI, Bel! Glad to see you over here.

Yes, I'm here now

Belantica wrote:Yes, I'm here now

Muahaha another converted.

(Vuk here)

Make sure to join our discord.

Shidei if Gen IV remakes aren't announced soon I'm gonna lose it

Corindia wrote:Shidei if Gen IV remakes aren't announced soon I'm gonna lose it

I wish they'd just set another story in the same region but hey it's a small indie dev making these games, we can't ask for too much

Corindia wrote:Shidei if Gen IV remakes aren't announced soon I'm gonna lose it

10 AM EST tomorrow, fingers crossed, but operating under the full assumption that TPC/Game Freak will follow the money not the fans.

Corindia wrote:I wish they'd just set another story in the same region but hey it's a small indie dev making these games, we can't ask for too much

Biggest media franchise on the planet and they pump out mediocre-at-best games with very little innovation to push their monolithic merchandising machine. A story as old as 1996.
I just want all the event mythicals to be more easily obtainable... and Chatot. Hasn't been available since ORAS postgame 7 years ago :(

Ya know It's nice to see lots of new players in TWI. You guys planning on doing rp and stuff?

I am not sure what to work on

Havalland wrote:I am not sure what to work on

Ainslie wrote:

of course you dragged it over here

Ainslie wrote:

Back to the discord with you heathens

Anyway, I'll begin adjusting myself to this region.
In the mean time, I'll hang about to get to know peeps

Belantica wrote:Anyway, I'll begin adjusting myself to this region.
In the mean time, I'll hang about to get to know peeps

by chance do you use discord? i noticed that daz said something about you joining the other day

Ainslie wrote:by chance do you use discord? i noticed that daz said something about you joining the other day

Yes, Balnik told me about it (we've known eachother for while and recommended me to move here)

Belantica wrote:Yes, Balnik told me about it (we've known eachother for while and recommended me to move here)

Ahhk cool - was just making sure you knew about it

Aizcona wrote:Agadar! My love, how's it going?

Decent enough all things considered. How about y'all?

Shidei wrote:He has a point though

Still tsundere as always, Shidei.

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